The Shocking Truth of Who You Are

from Deep Within Your Soul

by Jonathan Jung, guest writer for Angel Messenger

I will not yield to the delusions of the masses. I am a vessel for the fire of truth. If you come to me with your petty stories of who you think you are, and how you can never be happy or free, the Spirit within me will eat you whole, as a sunflower seed, taking you into itself, and spitting out the hard but shallow shell of your false beliefs.

I will not yield to the delusions of the masses. If you think you can use spirituality as a means of enhancing your reputation, or even of consoling an angry, pained ego, you will be sorrowfully disappointed.

The truth is that you are a divine being.

Whatever approach you take to get this realization does not matter. The fact that you are a divine being is already so. There are Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, Catholics, occultists, secularists, and agnostics who have woken up to who they are. You cannot hide from yourself. One day, whether you like it or not, you will find that your denial to all the bliss, peace, and unconditional love that you so sincerely seek comes from not accepting the reality of Who You Are.

Will you not succumb to your beauty? Will you not give into your magnificence? Admit it! Step into your power! Take responsibility! There is no one responsible for the circumstances you find yourself in other than yourself!

The truth is that Who You Are is so amazing, so awesome, so powerful, so splendid, so full of love and beauty, that if you realized who you were, you would feel that the person you were before had died! And in fact, when you do step into your power, there is a death. A death of the ego. A death of the limited perceptions of who you take yourself to be.

And who am I to tell you all of this?

I am but a mirror. I am simply and utterly you, pretending to be a separate being, in this dream, you’re having that is called life.

What does this mean as far as your life is concerned? If you went around telling your friends and family that you are God, they most likely would lock you up, and kick you out of their lives. When you realize your true divine self, there are those who will call you a liar, lunatic, con-artist, and heretic. There are those who will want you dead, or who will try to fit you into their mold by projecting all sorts of nonsense on to you.

But you can find the power within yourself to remove yourself from those that would hurt the vessel that is the holy temple of the divine being that is you. You would find yourself surrounded by angels, and even the wild animals would provide for you, as they have for the seers and sages of old.

But more than that, you would find so much satisfaction- the satisfaction of just being. You would experience bliss, peace, and unconditional love. Some of you may retreat into the wilderness, some of you may find yourself in a hermitage, and some of you may find yourself going on with you lives, as normal, keeping your truth to yourself, for there is nothing you can say to convince those who will not hear the truth of their responsibility, their power, and their everlasting identity.

And some of you may go on to spread your truth with courage, love, fearlessness, and passion. But whatever path you take to get to what you already are, know that what works for you may not work for another. But you must stay true to yourself, no matter what the cost, no matter what people may say or think of you.


About the Writer:

Jonathan Jung has studied spirituality since the age of 8, although being greatly discouraged by his parents. Through years of intense contemplation and meditation, he has found the source of all joy and love within himself. His message is one of empowerment, freedom, and joy. You can contact him through his facebook business called, “Soul Consultations, at Namaste.

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