As many of you know, my life as been something of a roller coaster of late.  All this house stuff has more than tested my patience, and there is now no doubt in my mind that patience is one of my life lessons.  I continually work on being patient, but I have to say it is not my strongest virtue.  In fact, I have major doubts that patience is a virtue at all.  I’m convinced it may actually be some kind of game between good and evil where we are moved around like pawns to see how close to the edge we can go without falling off and losing our sanity!  Maybe?  You have to wonder, right?  🙂

Anyway, I’ve managed to reclaim some of the sanity I had lost earlier in the week.  Life has been stressful; things have not moved as smoothly as we’d once hoped, but we are supposed to close on our new house this week.  It was originally supposed to be last week, but there were a few snags.  After weeks of feeling overwhelmed by chaos and boxes, I can breathe a little easier today.  I feel like whatever barriers have been holding up this process will soon be broken, if they are not already.  Things will move forward in the quickest and best way possible for my family.

Thank you to everyone for your positive thoughts and words of encouragement.  Even as I am very close to my faith, I have always said that I am merely human, and all of us need to be encouraged from time to time.  We are all here to learn from and love one another.  So, again, I thank you for your love and support.

Blessings and love to you all,


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