Would It Feel AWESOME If You Knew How To Find A Good Guy and The Relationship You Really Want At This Time In Your Life?

Then you could finally stop worrying about spending the rest of your life doing it all by yourself!


Hi, It’s Lisa…
I remember how hard dating was when I first started after my divorce.  I was CLUELESS!  I did the dumbest things and found myself getting nowhere with men.

Then after 10 years…and a lot of research along with tons of bad dates and a lot of tears from frustration, I figured out what it took and I started dating the best guys and ended up in a great relationship with a Quality Man.

As a Single Woman over 50, is your dating life going the way you’d like it to? Are you meeting the types of men you’d like to date and are you getting second dates with them?

If you find yourself struggling with dating….

You’re Not Alone!

I speak with women daily and they share stories with me about how hard dating has become for them.

Before working together, they tell me they date with no real results and some haven’t had a date with a man in 5…10…even 20 years.

And, they all have something in common with you…they like you want companionship in their lives with a good man but weren’t getting dates with the men they wanted.

Unfortunately, when you loose a spouse…no one hands you a Dating Rulebook. You’re expected to just know how to get out there and find Mr. Right.

And… some people are able to make this happen.

But, most women find themselves really frustrated with dating and


And then they find themselves still alone 5 or 10 years later…but now they want companionship and don’t know where to begin.

Dating is hard and even though millions of men and women are posting profiles at online dating sites…. most are failing miserably at finding the love of their life.

Is This Happening For You Too?

The reason is… you may be missing the tools and skills needed to find a great guy after 50.  I’d love to share these with you  I want to help you make your dreams come true of finding a great man who’s perfect for you.

Join me for my Free Teleseminar

at Angel Messenger

on August 5th!

My most requested program …

5 Simple Secrets

For Attracting Your Soul Mate After 50

Finding Your Soulmate After 50

In this fun, informative session you will learn how to:

  • Tap into your feminine side, and the power it can bring you with men.
  • Ensure you’re never called controlling or intimidating again by a man.
  • Get men to jump at the chance to be the guy in your life.
  • Flip the switch from work to dating mode and why this is so important for dating!

Clients Are Raving …

“When I started dating after my divorce, I must admit I was looking for my next husband. Lisa’s approach was fabulous at helping me redirect my focus from mating to dating. After this simple change of focus, the floodgates opened up and I had more dates than I knew what to do with. I was having so much fun and when I least expected it, a great man came into my life!” Sue, Illinois

“Getting back into the dating game after 50 (ok, ok after 60) was scary for me. Even though I’ve enjoyed success in every other aspect of my life, dating again felt like wanting to take a trip but not knowing where to start and what to do when I got there. Lisa Copeland is like a compass, a guide and a tour director all in one.” Flora, California

“After one [session with Lisa] where I really took a good look at my positive qualities, by the end of it, I was thinking, my God, why wouldn’t a man want to go out with me, I’m amazing!! It’s that change of mindset that really helped me get ready to date again.” Maxine, England


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Learn more about working with Lisa on her website at www.findaqualityman.com.

About Lisa

After two divorces and one online dating pitfall after another, Lisa Copeland felt like a failure. Deciding she needed help, she searched for a dating coach for women like her. She met with younger coaches, but it felt like telling her kids about her love life.  No way!  Lisa started researching and figured out what worked. She was having a blast dating really great men, her calendar was full of dates, and friends began asking for tips. Using the tools she discovered, they too began dating great guys and having fun. That’s when Lisa found her calling. “I didn’t want women to have to struggle like I did for a decade. Although I can see now, the crazy dating experiences I had were meant to put me right where I am now – helping women find love after 50.” She serves as a coach, author, Blogger for the Huffington Post and speaker in the United States and abroad.

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