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Are You Trying To Find A Good Man?

Are you really committed to finding a Quality Man to spend your life with or are you just out there on the singles scene trying to find the man you think you want? I want to let you in on a BIG SECRET…. trying isn’t going to get you what you want in life. In this case…a relationship with a quality man.
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Are You Making One of These 3 Dating Mistakes?

If you’re like most divorced single women over 50, you’re probably carrying some fear baggage around the idea of failing in a relationship ... And as you sip your coffee or glass of wine, you start mentally checking off the positives and negatives of the man who’s applying to be your boyfriend.
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Finding Your Soulmate After 50

I remember how hard dating was when I first started after my divorce. I was CLUELESS! I did the dumbest things and found myself getting nowhere with men. Then after 10 years…and a lot of research along with tons of bad dates and a lot of tears from frustration, I figured out what it took and I started dating the best guys and ended up in a great relationship with a Quality Man.
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Dealing with Loneliness Between Relationships

Your relationship has just ended. You're feeling lonely and not sure what to do next. Here’s Dating Advice to help you fill the void that happens between relationships.
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Will He Cheat On Me Too?

I’m in a quandary. I really like him and he seems like a great man but adultery is against everything I believe in. Plus, I wonder if he will do it again. What should I do?