It all started with a sore throat the end of December.  By New Year’s Eve, I was visiting an Urgent Care facility needing antibiotics, and I’ve been sick ever since.  I have been very ill for about a month now with a severe respiratory virus.  It’s something that has been hitting many families in this area.  Both my husband and son had it but were over it within a week.  It hit me much worse, and I’ve actually been in the hospital for it.  The illness makes it difficult to breathe, much less talk. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to offer readings right now, and I’m not sure when I will be able to.  Although I feel terribly that I am not able to help others at this time, I am in no shape to be helping anyone right now.  I can barely speak a full sentence without going into a coughing fit.  Even if I could talk, I’m taking several different medications which make it nearly impossible to be a clear channel for a reading.  I’ve had tons of people emailing me and sending me messages on Facebook about wanting readings, but I have to take care of myself right now.

This illness has instigated tremendous spiritual growth for me, and I’ve come to realize that I haven’t been taking care of myself in the ways I should be for quite some time now.  I have dedicated myself to helping others at the expense of my own health and well being.  Every time I would start to feel better, my first thought was that I needed to get back to work.  People were counting on me, and I was letting them down.  Then, I would immediately get worse. 

I had a dream last week that I went to my dentist for a regular cleaning appointment and starting coughing up worms.  The coughing became so violent that I actually began to vomit the worms and tried reaching my own hand down my throat to pull them out.  The dentist was rubbing my back and telling me that I have to get it all out.  Ironically, my regular dental checkup is one of the many appointments and plans I’ve had to cancel due to this illness.  This dream is something I’ve taken a lot of time to ponder.

I am working on a way to offer more ways to help more people through the work I do on my site, but it is going to take some time to implement all the plans I have in my head.  Please understand that I do sincerely care, and I want to offer assistance where it is needed, but there are going to be some big changes ahead for myself and for my work. 

It has taken me some time to understand this is an important message from my Heavenly guides and angels.  I’m at a crossroads in my life right now.  What might have started with a sore throat has made me open my eyes to the next phase of my life. 

Much Love and Blessings to all my dear friends, clients and visitors,


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  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    It’s a difficult lesson, isn’t it? Saying no. Letting go. But, it does all happen for a reason. I agree, Meaghan.

    Pat, your words always resonate with me, too! I guess we are a bit alike, huh? 😉 I LOVE THAT! “Choosing YES to a different order of generosity” … YES, that’s my new motto now! 🙂

  2. pat
    pat says:

    wow, you inspired me to look at my own numerology–life path 3 with expression and heart’s desire both 11…
    I have never been too good at math, but definitely beginning to see why I feel so sympathetic to your writing !
    and ps.
    while we’re appreciating our creative talents, here is my big idea of the day:

    maybe you, Meaghan, I don’t REALLY have to learn to say no…

    we are just choosing to say YES to a different order of generosity

    YES !

  3. Meaghan
    Meaghan says:

    Sheri, feel better!
    ive also been learning the importance of no lately. even letting go of some friendships, but its all necessary. If our needs are not met, we cant possibly help others with theirs as effectively. We need to respect our own delicate nature and know it has its own strength.

    We had a couple of appointments that didnt work out, and im more than happy to wait! Everything happens for a reason:)

  4. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Lisa, yes please rest! I know first hand what ignoring that advice does! Glad you like my site; it’s going to be getting even better. 😉 I hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you, Robin, for your kindness and understanding. Although many people share the same views you have, there are a few that may not be very happy with my decisions to come. Learning to say no is a rough road for me, but I know following my guidance on this will be the best thing for everyone.

    Pat, the dentist thing is definitely creative, huh? I sure have some major fifth Chakra issues going on. Ironically, being born on the third of the month, my gift is creativity. I’m also a life path 11, which makes me a good intuitive, but my greatest gift is my creativity and ability to communicate, and I’ve been ignoring both for a while now. I guess it’s time to listen. 😉

  5. pat
    pat says:

    oh my dear virtual but very human friend

    thank you for the continuing story even if the chapter we’re in is something like compost heap with harry potter-like dreaming; we are all here to learn.
    I know we can ask and are given even if we don’t get to say where what we need comes from–but, dentist???that is one creative subconscious at work !
    I come to your site before dawn most mornings, enjoy my first cup of coffee before facing my own inbox…
    and it is always educational even if you think your customers aren’t getting what they want from you.

    there should be a rest stop at every crossroads !
    with one of those posts with the arrows all pointing to the various destinations:
    epson salt baths
    homemade soup
    time alone
    favorite tea
    blue scarf
    sunny couch
    music to float on
    peace and quiet!!!!!!I’ll start now by shutting up !

  6. Robin B.
    Robin B. says:

    I hope that you get better soon and get lots of rest. You have been so generous – I would feel so bad and not want a reading from you if I knew that it wasn’t good for you. Thank you for all that you have done and I pray that you are able to go forward and feel free to do whatever you are supposed and want to do.
    Wishing you and your family many blessings.

  7. Lisa Paredes
    Lisa Paredes says:

    Hope you feel better soon and take good care. 🙂 I was sick with the flu for 6 days and am starting to feel better now. I was going to hit straight to plugging away on a project I’ve been working on… but my body says “NO way rest!” So I am listening and taking it easy. Take care and take it easy! (I love your site BTW it’s fantastic!)



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