Creating Your Sacred Space

– A Gift to your Soul –

Every soul deserves a sacred space, a place to connect to Source, to focus on what is sacred and passionate within her heart. In this sacred space a soul is free to connect to God, through a dance of communication unique and genuine, and of which only a free Being can aspire to.

In her purified environment, she can sing to Krishna, pray to Jesus, thank Ganesha, praise Yahweh or bow to Allah. She can smell her sacred smells and light her holy candles,  she can cry for her losses and reset her faith in Life again.

A sacred space is a protected area where hopes, dreams, visions, prayers for healing,  and thankful joys . . .  all can be placed in full sight upon a personal alter. A spacial focus where love can be celebrated and a where sorrows, yearning and losses, can be mourned.

We are musical, magical, divine Beings, and we long to find meaning, and yearn to heal and find balance within our existence. When we don’t experience an outlet for our powerful, natural creative life force- a force which is constantly singing through our veins in search of energy and support – we wither and droop as a plant with no sustenance will do.

As we connect to our source we become more aware of how all things are connected, entwined and made of Love. Those Biblical passages we learned as a child, they awaken within us, and I “once was lost, but now am found, blind but now I see” begins to make perfect sense.

The lost sheep morphs into a starving child, a homeless veteran, mentally ill old woman, a grieving drug addict, or a forgotten inmate. We are One and we feel this in our soul. It is not scary, it is a delicious and powerful revelation.

In our sacred space we rediscover humanity and reconnect with Earth. We find focus and direction in a chaotic and often nonsensical world. Truth becomes our friend.

How is it that so many do not have an alter somewhere, anywhere, in their homes or on their land? This yearning for the alter of a Church is similar to that which we can also create in our daily lives, where we come to a deeper understanding that every thought, every action, every bit of life we experience . . . this is our prayer. We are already living our divine, sacred moments – our prayers exist, one second, one breath, at at time.

In my home I have an alter. It is simply a board on two benches. I keep it alive by bringing fresh energy to this space, sometimes flowers, sometimes shells and drift wood, a rock from a hike, a photograph of a loved one. I have placed artwork precious to me alone, on my alter, and statues of inspiring souls who create a longing in myself to solidify personal faith, or who inspire my highest self to become more genuine and true.

I have a bells, rattles, drums, and incense on my alter.  I have an elephant, a polar bear, an angel, a carving of Christ, on my alter. It’s a sacred space designed to please my soul and connect to God. I don’t ask for the judgment of a priest or minister to approve this space. God is everywhere, God has no red tape dogma that banishes one from Love and Light. God knows intimately my soul, I celebrate in this connection and feel secure in my sacred space.

I pray with my drum. This is my own way of dancing to the rhythm divinity. I have a vision board- a collages of pictures and words which produce a desired life goal for me to focus on. There are beads and precious sentimental nick knacks on my alter, all with meanings that are sacred to my heart. Sometimes I place fresh flowers, sometimes I sit and journal here. It matters not how I connect, what matters is that I do so.

Every woman, every man,  every soul . . . deserves such a space.  A sacred and personalized space to dwell in, for comfort and solace. I crave my alter times, meditation and prayer has become a habit. I go within daily here, praying for loved ones, for patients I care for at work, visualizing healing for myself and others, and most important of all I replenish depletion of my life force by plugging into God.

I can’t imagine a day without connecting to Source in a sacred space. If  not at my alter, then at a waterfall or by the ocean, on a mountain or in my pretty little back yard. We have sacred sanctuary all around us, and we can personalize a sanctuary in our own homes.

Life is difficult and tragic, delicate and fragile, breathtakingly beautiful and irreplaceable. Life is immortal and transformative,  a miracle, a joy, both powerful and gentle.

Without faith in our divinity, we suffer needlessly with depression and chaos.

Because I am blessed with food, beautiful surroundings, shelter and hope, I send energy and healing to those who suffer. We are all connected, we are One. I know this as I know that my heart beats.

I suggest you clear a corner in your home and make it sacred. Find one section of your space you can personalize, where you can freely lay down your sorrows and raise up your prayers. Create a sanctuary. No matter if you need to feel closer to Christ as a Christian, or to go within and find your true heart- as an atheist- there is no judgment on your alter, save your own.

When I clear and cleanse my space, filling it with smells of sage and flowers, I sing this song:

Let there be beauty before me

As I wander

Let there be beauty behind

As I wander

Let there be beauty below and above me

As I wander

Let these eyes see only beauty

From this day on.

Find the courage and inspiration within yourself to create an alter, it may turn out to be your favorite form of antidepressant.


Love Fawn 

Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner who offers her services here on Angel Messenger. Fawn offers email readings as well as readings by phone and Skype. Read more about Fawn here.

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