It was 1986 on a Sunday at dawn. I’d just finished a dew filled five mile jog around the college gardens of Berea, Kentucky. My twenty year old body tingled with joyful fatigue as I collapsed on my bed in the dorm room. There was still time to meditate before class. I’d been practicing how to visualize the perfect image of a rose.

All was calm and quiet, warm sunlight peeked through our windows that overlooked the misty college gardens. I began my latest ritual of ‘tense and release’, a deep relaxation technique I learned in acting class.

First I squeeze my toes very tight and hold this squeeze for the count of five. I release them and immediately scrunch up both feet and hold, then relax them. The tensing of body parts moves upward until I’ve done my legs, abdomen and pelvis, shoulders and back, hands, arms and fingers. I grimace my face and relax it. Finally, I tense my entire body to the slow count of five and then relax. All tenseness disappears.

Today I was taking a shamanic journey without knowing it was called this. A journey without a drum beat. I imagined a tunnel leading to a loving light, and modeled my meditation after a book I’d read in 1983 called Life after Life, by Raymond Moody, documenting people who had near death experiences. The majority of the people travel through a tunnel toward a ‘loving light’. They experience contact with spirits, and when they return to their bodies, they feel forever transformed, inspired to lead more meaningful lives.

I felt I could travel there without a near death experience. I believed that I could get there with faith and visualization, so I prepared my body with the relaxation technique, and my mind by visualizing a simple red rose plucked from a childhood memory. I saw the rose in my mind, clearly, for thirty seconds, until I could reach out and grab a velvety petal, bring it to my mouth and taste its sweet tangy juice.

Shamanic Practitioners visit three levels, or worlds. The lower world is usually through a visualized hole in the earth which is imagined or real. The middle and upper levels don’t usually involve an earth entrance, but there are no set rules. Each journey is a novel experience.

At first I had trouble moving through my imagined tunnel, so I created a thick rope, like a ski rope that pulls skiers up to the top of a hill. I grabbed it and held tight.

Everything had a silver-gray hue, including the ribbed curves on the wall. I allowed myself to be swept along, sometimes upward, sometimes flat or downward, keeping a mental focus on my intention; to explore a past life connection.

I watched images mutate and transform around me, like a spontaneous dream, and I began to see pictures ‘out of the blue’. I was a sailor on a ship, so I asked, “Where is my home?” and saw a port and dock, with hundreds of little wooden houses making up a town.

My focus honed in on a triangular home on a cobbled street. The interior was small, with fur covered benches for beds and iron pot ware hanging from the ceiling. A blond, fair skinned woman met me at the door and we smiled at each other. She was familiar to me.

I was now in an delta wave ‘state of mind’ which is a magical place to be. I swooped upward out of my tunnel and then felt an odd sensation of ‘snapping’ through something invisible.

Instantly I saw a crystal blue sky and all colors were vibrant. The field below was a deep luscious green and I was flying high. I flew over a bright red barn and saw small child walking alone, so I went next to him and paced his speed.

He didn’t look at me, but let me hold his hand as we moved. I watched his body in fast forward grow to be a tall, dark skinned man. Facial hair rapidly sprouted along his jaw line, and his expression became adult-like and thoughtful as he continued to look only forward.

“Were you in a past life?” I asked.

He didn’t speak or turn his head.

“Did I know you in another life?” I persisted.

We continued along as he silently lead us. We crossed a city, dodging traffic, turned a corner and it was countryside again. We were by river where he squatted on the embankment and I waited for his answer, but he remained silent, looking out at the river.

Finally I said “I can’t wait any longer!” and flew up and away from him. He watched me go, chin resting on his hand, and I knew in my impatience that I’d missed his message for me.

I felt as if I were awake in ‘now time’, this wasn’t a dream. I maintained control of my free will and this world was beyond my imagination.

I flew over a small lake hidden in a valley where a young man and woman swam naked. I wanted to ask them my reincarnation question so I dove into the water next to the man. He looked at me like, “You’re invading my ‘dream’!”

So I flew up and away from them moving higher into the mountains. Trees and grass turned to rocky cliffs, and woodsy colors began mixing with gray terrain. I noticed a small formation in a portion of a mountain cliff. It looked like a store counter made of rock. Beyond this was an entrance to a cave, and two people were sitting on the rocks.

I went up to the counter and a small East Indian woman wearing a light colored Sari’ and a ruby red bead on her forehead, waved me away with her hand, “Go, it’s not ready yet!” She said.

A freckle faced teenager came from behind the counter, “Let’s walk in the woods while you wait”. He said.

Forest LightWe walked to a thick portion of forest, where I saw wild animals lazing together on the soft mossy ground. Every object appeared to radiate with a light from within, almost like the moss and the trees and animals were glowing. It was beautiful. The animals were peaceful. I saw lions, lambs, bears, zebras, deer and foxes.

We returned to the woman and this time she told me, “It’s ready” and handed me a palm sized raw hide bag with a vibrant white flower on top. I wasn’t familiar with lotus flowers and thought this white lotus was a calciferous vegetable, a cauliflower.

Inside was a beaded necklace with every color of bead strung on leather. There was a small clasp at each end.

“What’s this?” I asked.

The East Indian woman came around the counter and walked up to me, “Put it on, it will help make you psychic.”

I grew excited and put it around my neck. When I began to fasten the clasps they didn’t seem to be connecting, so I struggled with them until suddenly the necklace broke apart and beads scattered everywhere.

I panicked as the colorful beads began falling and rolling, some through the cracks of rocks at our feet! Down on my knees I dug at the earth begging her to help me find the beads and put the necklace back together. She refused to help, so I stood up, empty handed and crushed.

The woman looked in to my eyes. “They’re all there.” She used a sweeping motion with her hand, indicating the beads. “But you have to put them together.”

Now a finger wagged in my face. “You have to put them together. You have to put them together!” She was insistent and her voice continued to echo in my head as I opened my physical eyes.

My roommate still slept and the sun had moved only a little higher in the sky, but for me, I’d transformed in some way. I’d visited a different world and interacted with spirit guides. Best of all, I’d journeyed there intentionally using my imagination as a ‘jump start’.

For days I felt like I could at anytime close my eyes and project myself back again, as if a portal remained open nearby. When I tried to go back, it seemed always just out of my reach.

Vivid dreams, visions and journeys stand out, You will find yourself saying, “This was more than an ordinary dream!” They are usually ‘spirit guided’ and involve a lesson, a message for you, or a spirit visit from someone dead. You remember these dreams for a long time because a portal opens and energy is exchanged between worlds.

May the light of your soul guide you and bless the work that you do!


Love Fawn 

Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner who offers her services here on Angel Messenger. Fawn offers email readings as well as readings by phone and Skype. Read more about Fawn here

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  1. Karen Turley
    Karen Turley says:

    I have dreams of people who will die some are strangers some are relatives, I never seem to know who will die but its a definite if I also Dream of a funeral taking place. When my sister died last year, I had the dream I’d a death two days before her operation but when she pulled through thought it was someone else who would die, but two days after her hospital discharge of her woke up feeling all out of sorts and anxious and didn’t understand why, I was woken by my husband in the morning with the news my sister had died, and I new what my dream was about and the timing of her death then. It’s usually two weeks before a person dies when I have my dreams.


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