Saturday was my son’s 5th birthday, and we had a party for him at Little Caesar’s.  I’ve never seen so many kids in one place; it was packed!  It was great, though.  All the kids had lots of fun.  My little boy picked out his own birthday cake, and we made little gift bags for all his friends so that no one would feel left out.  His two best friends both turned five within about a week of each other, so now there all 5 and ready for school.  Hmmm … school … that’s a whole other topic for me.  🙂  My little one is already excited and can’t wait to play on his new playground, but I think I might cry when the time comes.

I’m just glad it’s Monday, and I finally have some energy.  I was surprised how tired I was yesterday.  It’s amazing how much energy a few extra kids can take out of you, but we all had fun!

Looking at my schedule, I might have some openings for a few readings coming up.  I’ll be calling people on the waiting list to see if anyone would like those spots.  Well, have a great Monday!

~ Sheri

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