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“Breakthrough” - You’re at the precipice of a huge, positive breakthrough! Everything that you’ve been doing for the past few years has been preparing you for this time. An immense self-realization is on its way. Something for which you’ve waited a long time is about to come to fruition!
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Your Card - “Grace” - Be gracious and understanding with yourself. Angels, guides, and spiritual guardians are watching over you and cherishing you. Kindly honor the reality of others.
Beacon of Hope
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"In order to allow your light to fully illuminate, it's time to reconsider those things that no longer serve you."
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It's Time to Go Within

Rather than looking to external sources to find your guidance and answers, it's time to go within. In truth your soul always knows what you most need and want. In times of doubt we sometimes look to others for validation and support.
Infinity Lotus Chakra Art
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Questioning Life

This is a guest post by Christina where she answers a reader's question ... "After being laid off for the 3rd time in 3 1/2 years I'm having a hard time staying positive, yet I know it is important because positive energy will attract better experiences. I know I need a change, but I'm worried about how our family will survive. Our family has experienced many financial and emotional setbacks..."
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Weekday Wisdom: A Message From Your Soul

Your soul wants you to know that your Wisdom runs deep and is made up of all your experiences in this lifetime and beyond. There is no limit to the amount of Wisdom available to you right now. The Universe is your partner and ready and willing to help you put the puzzle pieces of your life together to show you a glimpse of your life's purpose.