“Recently I started to “communicate” with my guardian angel. Since then quite often I have this feeling that someone stands behind my left shoulder and is watching over me. Could it be that it is my guardian angel? I am confused, because recently I came across one book about angels and there the author mentioned that every person has 2 angels – one good and the bad one. The author also said that the bad one stands behind the left shoulder. Is that truth? Is the bad one watching over me?

Some of my requests already have been answered, but there is one that I keep repeating, but nothing happens. What could that mean? It is really urgent… I am looking for a job, but I have not heard any uplifting message from my guardian angel, although I have repeated this to him/her many times.

I will appreciate your answers to my questions! 🙂

– Connie”

Dear Connie,

I have actually never heard of people having a bad guardian angel, but I would be interested to know what book you’ve been reading.  In my experience, every person I’ve ever come in contact with has had at least two guardian angels and a spirit guide, but most have more.  I’m pretty sure “bad guardian angel” is somewhat of an oxymoron … I don’t quite get that and have never encountered a bad guardian angel.  If the book is referring to a fallen angel, that is something completely different and would never be a guardian.  If you are looking for a good book to learn how to communicate with the other side, I would recommend Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels by Dr. Doreen Virtue. That’s an excellent book on learning to communicate with the other side!

The more you become aware of your guardians, you may in fact “feel” them around you.  Some say they stand in a specific place, but I can tell you it differs.  It’s better to be open minded in this case than to have expectations that will likely hinder you.  If you’re always looking over your left shoulder, you may miss what’s right in front of you.  That may be part of what’s going on with the question you’re asking, too.  It may be that you’re getting the answer but not exactly listening.  Maybe you don’t like the answer, so you’re blocking it from your consciousness.  Or, maybe you’re looking so hard for it that you’re actually blinded.

I always tell people the best way to receive guidance without yourself butting in is to put the question out there, and then forget all about it.  Don’t dwell on the question.  Don’t look for the answer.  The answer will come out of the blue, likely when you least expect it.  Maybe you’ll be doing some mindless task like washing dishes, when a relevant thought pops into your head.  Or, maybe you’ll be driving and hear a song on the radio that can’t be mere coincidence.

If you do get an answer you don’t want to hear, do something about it.  Just because someone tells you something, doesn’t mean it’s set in stone – even when it comes to chats with the Divine.  When I tell a person what I see in their future, it is the future that is most likely to occur based on present circumstances.  That doesn’t mean said future cannot be changed.  If you don’t like what you hear, do something to alter the circumstances.  If you hear that a job is not in the near future, do something to change what you are currently doing.  Are you not actively searching, or maybe not searching effectively?  How can you change your present to positively affect your future?  This is the message your angels are trying to get to you.  🙂  You can’t always wait for answers to fall from the sky; sometimes you have to give the sky a hand!

I hope this sheds some light for you,


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