“I love this site and I use the angel cards a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ I even have my own deck which I carry EVERYWHERE !!! … I have lived in Dubai since I was 2yrs old and my query is about love. I don’t doubt that I will marry at some stage in the future (In India , if you don’t find a partner for yourself , your parents will pair you off with somebody) . I would like to know if you see me in a romantic relationship with a man in the near future? I have started developing feelings for 2 men , one from my past and one is a new guy i met about 3 months ago. Is it going to be one of them or someone entirely different?ย 

I would appreciate a reply but I also do understand that you’d be getting buckets full of queries everyday! We all love the 4 letter word that starts with F …. FREE !!!”

You are right in the fact that I do receive several inquiries daily. I try to at least read them all and send up a little prayer for each person, but I have to rely a lot on my guides and guardians to help me know which questions to answer. I chose your question because both you and your question are unique.

You are one of the very rare and special people that actually could fall in love with one of several different candidates and have it work out very well. Your soul is one that connects deeply with the spiritual aspect of others and can help them grow and develop personally in wonderful and amazing ways. I wish you lived a little closer … I could see us getting along very well. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think you will be the one to ultimately choose who you marry, but don’t be afraid to ask your parents for input. They know you well. You need a man who doesn’t mind being with a powerful woman … a man who would relish in the light you offer. I see that around you now. I think one of the men who you specifically asked about is a very good candidate. However, I’m not absolutely positive which man it is. Without knowing their names, it’s a little more difficult to decipher their energies. I see changes and a relationship coming up soon, but that could be with the newcomer or a new level of the relationship with the older connection. Just keep your mind and heart open to all possibilities. I have to say that it’s also possible the brother of someone you know will be a likely candidate. Trust in the truth that you will find happiness in marriage. I do see that. There are maybe three different options/paths you could take, but I feel that all of them end well. You would be fine in a relationship where your husband shines and you are supportive of him. However, I think you would be happiest in a relationship where your opinion was highly respected and listened to. Actually, I’m being funny and serious when I say that anyone who dismisses your feelings and advice might want to have their head examined! ๐Ÿ˜€ You are wise beyond your years, and I wish you much happiness in your life.

Heavenly Blessings,


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  1. L
    L says:

    Hi Rev. Sheri,
    Thank you so very much for answering my query . I feel so much at ease now, knowing that no matter who i end up with , I am going to be happy and feel loved .
    i was smiling as i read your reply. it was wonderful . and the pic of the coy indian bride…haha…. well done ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    thank you once again,
    love and light.


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