Angelic Astrology – Rev. Colleen is Taking a Break

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

**Update December 2018** After much consideration, Rev. Colleen and I have decided to discontinue the monthly Angel Astrology articles at this time. These articles take a lot of extra work for both Rev. Colleen and our Angel Messenger staff. We also provide financial resources to bring this article to you every month, though the same information is available in the monthly videos that Rev. Colleen also creates. At this time, Rev. Colleen will continue her weekly and monthly videos, and Angel Messenger does have a page dedicated to those videos here. Rev. Colleen will also be sharing articles on other topics from time to time in our blog. We appreciate your understanding and support. Thank you. 🙂


Rev. Colleen is needing to take some time off to spend with her family for the next couple of months and so will be taking a bit of a hiatus for November and December. During these two months, she will not be writing the monthly Angelic Astrology articles that we normally post on Angel Messenger. However, she will still be doing her weekly and monthly reading videos on YouTube. She will also still be offering some appointments.

Rev. Colleen’s YouTube video’s can be found on her YouTube page here: Rev. Colleen’s YouTube Page

If you don’t already follow her on Facebook, I would recommend that you also check out her Facebook page as she also posts great information there.

Of course, the best way to get the most detailed information is to get your own personal reading with Rev. Colleen.

Click here for a complete list of services and rates.

We hope that you will wish her well as we do.

We will keep you updated on news of the return of Rev. Colleen’s monthly articles.

Rev. Colleen, we send our love and hope that you will receive much love, peace and blessings during this time of rest. <3

P.S. Rev. Colleen has also created some wonderful free meditations that are available in our online store.

Wishing You All Heavenly Blessings,


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