Do you have a green thumb?  I definitely do not; though I do love flowers and gardens, I just can’t seem to keep up with them.  Early last summer, I planted all kinds of different seeds.  Some were annuals; some were perennials – an assortment of flowers, herbs and veggies.  The herbs and veggies came up and did there thing, then they died with the winter cold like expected, but none of the flower seeds sprouted.  I had also transplanted some daisies, and they all died but came back in force this summer.  Our Michigan weather does not help, either.  Last summer, there was hardly any rain, but maybe that’s because the clouds saved it all up for this summer.

This summer has been very wet – and cold; most of my plants are almost overgrown and not blooming well.  But, I had one big surprise … one of the tiny little flower seeds I planted last summer finally popped out of the ground and out came this …


This gorgeous giant sunflower is close to six feet tall!  Now, the funny thing is that I actually thought this beautiful sunflower was a weed at first.  Before I went on vacation, I had tried to pull it out thinking it was this dangerous weed I saw on the news that is running rampant all over the place (hogweed???).  I tried everything I could to pull it out, but the darn thing would not budge.  Realizing I would need to get the shovel and didn’t have time to deal with it, I left it for after vacation.  When I came back, I noticed a bud on the top that I thought kind-of resembled a sunflower bud.  Then I remembered planting those seeds last summer.  But, thinking it was odd the seed would have still been good and have taken that long to grow, I seriously doubted this weed was anything good.  Now, several days later, this beautiful sunflower is blooming!

This inspiring little seed taught me a huge lesson about patience and expectations.  I can’t help but marvel at the parallels to life’s journey here.  How often do we fight against what might be best for us?  How often do we lose patience – faith – in something that may just need a little more time to manifest?  The next time I lose patience with one of the many the seeds I plant in my life, I’m going to remember this beautiful sunflower. 

Life will always have weeds that need to be pulled out to make way for new growth, but maybe we should pay attention to those things that really fight to stay.  And when we do lose faith, maybe we should consider that it may not be the right time for that particular seed to manifest.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the seed is bad; maybe something else needs to happen first – like one summer full of horrible heat and humidity followed by one full of rain and cold spells.  😉

May the sun always shine upon your path!

Angel Blessings,


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