Reasons Why Bad Things Still

Happen to Me when I Do Good

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

This is one of those questions that almost every person walking on the spiritual path asks at one point on another. Usually, they ask this at the beginning of their spiritual journey when they have newly adopted a path. The expectation is that now when I am walking on the spiritual path it should only be rainbow and roses. However, this is not how things work. The beginning of one’s spiritual journey is usually the hardest part which is why many people are not able to persist and they abandon their chosen path as quickly as they had adopted it.

The Dark Night of the Soul

Very few of us have arrived at our spiritual destiny as happy and complete beings. Most of us have found the Truth only after having gone through the dark night of the soul. It’s usually grief, loss, and excruciating pain that led us to question the very purpose of our existence.

Suffering is a necessary ingredient for the awakening of the soul – it comprises the birth pangs that each of us must endure in order to be born into our spiritual life. This is certainly not easy. A lot of souls fall into the abyss of depression and self-destruction at this point. They start believing that whatever they are going through is permanent and that there’s no way out. Nothing can be further from the Truth. Pain is a good thing – it tells us where we are going wrong.

Pain is an Ally

It is important to understand that pain is your ally. You cannot achieve anything worthwhile without enduring a certain amount of pain. The most successful people in the world are people who have the highest pain threshold. Having the ability to endure pain does not mean remaining in an abusive relationship or not standing up for ourselves when we are being violated in any manner. It means not clinging on to the mental and emotional suffering that comes after any ‘negative’ event has occurred.

You must understand that pain is inevitable but suffering is always a choice. You have to choose to not suffer from the pain that you are undergoing. If you stop seeing pain as something ‘bad’ which must be avoided, then you will be able to use that same pain to grow and evolve into a better person.

What Happens At The Beginning of Our Spiritual Journey

At the beginning of our spiritual journey, we are really excited. We feel that we have found the panacea for all our problems. After doing our practices for just one day, we expect that everything in our life will get fixed immediately.

Instead, what happens is exactly the opposite. It seems as if our whole world is falling apart. Things become worse than how they were previously. This is one of the greatest challenges that every seeker has to endure at the start of his spiritual life.

You have to understand that all your problems and challenges were not created overnight. Hence, they can’t all go away that quickly either. How quickly the situations in your life will change depends upon how fast you are going to learn and imbibe the lessons presented to you. Until you have fully learned these lessons, these problems and challenges will continue to persist in your life.

Have you ever noticed that when you have had a bad experience with one specific person, you ended up distancing yourself from him/her? Yet in another city at another point of time under a different set of circumstances you meet someone who is similar to that person and the whole drama gets repeated again with this new person. This is how patterns work.

In fact, all our lives are governed by patterns. It’s up to us to become conscious of the patterns we are currently trapped in. Thereby, releasing the ones that no longer serve us and building the ones that are aligned with our true life purpose.

The way to do that is by analyzing and finding out what lesson it is for you to learn. No matter how ‘bad’ things look – it is only your perception, an idea. If you can let go of the idea that things are good or bad and start seeing everything as an opportunity for growth, you will be able to identify the lessons that are involved in it.

The True Cause of All Suffering

A Course in Miracles says that the cause of our suffering is never rooted in what we are not getting but it lies in what we are not giving. You might balk at this. You might say you have given your time, money and resources to this person in your life and yet you have gotten nothing in return – not even an acknowledgment!

I would say that this is the moment when you need to ask this question even more – “What is it that I am not giving?”

Perhaps you are not giving them a chance to simply receive without any obligation to acknowledge you. As long as you are feeling that you are doing ‘good’ things and yet ‘bad’ things are happening to you, you are not really giving unconditionally. One of the most important lessons on the spiritual path is to give unconditionally.

All of Nature gives unconditionally. Look at how the sun shines equally on everyone without any expectation or desire. The same goes for the entire natural world – be it the fragrance of a flower, the soothing rays of the moon or the song of the words.

We have to become like the flowers that exude their fragrance without any partiality or desire for appreciation. We have to shine our light in the world like the sun that shines just as brightly over those who worship it as it does over those who despise it.

If you can learn this lesson and live from a place of unconditional giving, then your life will certainly transform. You have to remember that whatever we give comes back manyfold. What we are reaping right now is the harvest of our previous actions (from this life and other lives). When we start walking on a spiritual path, our karma starts clearing out very rapidly. Hence, what you were going to experience in 10 years; happens to you within a month, a week or even a day. That’s the point when you feel your world is falling apart. However, if you can persist and retain your positivity through these difficult times, then it is guaranteed that things will change for good. This is a necessary detoxification process for your soul.

How to Accelerate the Clearing Process

Tell the Universe through your actions and thoughts that you have really learned your lessons and are ready for new horizons to open up. Retain your faith and hold on to your spiritual path as strongly as you can. Trust that in the end, everything will work out in your favor.

Have faith, learn your lessons and don’t allow your pain to turn into suffering. Everything is happening for your highest good – just believe it!

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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