This is what I was talking about in my last podcast.  People forget they need to actually “live” their lives.

~ Sheri


The Missing Secret of the Law of Attraction
by Ryan Porter

Now I know what you are thinking; “not another article on the Law of Attraction!”  I too am starting to feel a little saturated by the continuous onslaught of information surfacing on this age-old idea.   There is truth and value to the principles of the Law of Attraction and they can work in your life, however, one important principle has been left out of the “secret” to the law of attraction

There have been movies made about it and countless professional speakers are now adapting their presentations and seminars to include the teachings and principles of the Law of Attraction.  One very powerful principle is being seriously overlooked by many who are trying to perfect the application of this law with results that include discouragement and disappointment instead of the dreams and wishes they’d ordered.

“People think it’s magic.  They think as long as they are holding thoughts about all the “stuff” they want, it will appear in front of them.  They believe that someone will come along and hand them their dreams neatly wrapped in a pretty box,” says Ryan Porter, a professional speaker and creator of the Make Your Own Lunch program.  Ryan explains, “People seem to miss the majority of the word; ACTION!  The Law of Attraction is nothing without action!”

This idea of an individual’s vision needing action to be effective has been around for thousands of years.  Do you recall this phrase from the Bible, “Faith without works is dead”?

It is, of course, crucial that you have a clear vision of what you want but it is just as important to take action.  Taking action gives you power and control of your dreams and vision. Move forward with dedication and commitment to get what you want.

Ryan explains the two-part process, “It’s like ordering food at a drive-thru window.  First you have to approach the drive-thru speaker and place your order into the microphone.  Then you have to actually take action and drive to the window to pick it up.  Your order doesn’t magically appear in your car ; you have to go and get it.  Many people forget half of the equation and end up with feelings of failure.  This equation works every time without exception.  Place your order then go and pick up your dreams!”

The action doesn’t have to be drastic or difficult but without it you are simply daydreaming.  The formula is spelled out in the word and it is called the Law of Attraction for a reason.

Start taking action today!  Your dreams are waiting for you. Please drive through to the first window and pick up your order!

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Hi Pam, thank you for your comments. Negative thoughts can be a very messy business. I think we are all a work in progress; we are human after all. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the site and stories. I hope to ad more stuff soon.

    Blessings & Light,


  2. pam halbrook
    pam halbrook says:

    Hi Sheri, synchronicity…. I just checked your site today and found your comments on “Law of Attraction ‘ I am currently reading “Money, and the Law of Attraction” by Ester and Jerry Hicks. I know real work is always the key to real success, not just wishes, however I believe our thoughts create our actions and our actions create our life. I have also discovered how many negative thoughts I was having in a days time. I am a work in progress. I really appreciate your site and enjoy all your stories.


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