11 Powerful Ways you Can Find Calm & Peace in a Fast Changing World

How to find calm and peace when the world is changing so fast

The world is changing rapidly, and it can be hard to feel calm and peaceful right now. From one day to the next, we can experience a wide range of emotions, from grief to anxiety, from anger to fear. 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling your emotions and allowing them to surface. However, it isn’t ideal to live in fear, stress, and anxiety. It clouds over our mental, emotional and physical lives – not to mention our spiritual practice. 

Discover 11 powerful ways to shift and create a new experience for yourself. Keep reading to learn how to find calm and peace inside, no matter what’s happening in the world outside.

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1. Grounding Breathwork 

Your breath is always with you, and it’s something you can always use to cultivate a sense of calm. The teacher, the author, and spiritual healer, Carol Tuttle, encourages everyone to use an easy breathing practice to feel grounded and safe.

To try this practice, place both of your hands on the top of your head. Then, focus on your breath, paying attention to your inhales and exhales, allowing them to become longer and fuller. 

Then, say each of the following words silently – one word for each breath. I (inhale) am (exhale) here (inhale) right (exhale) now (inhale). 

Check-in: how do you feel?

2. Ask Archangel Michael for Protection

He guards, he protects, he defends. Call on St. Michael the Archangel to protect you and keep you in good health – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

You can pray to him as part of your morning routine. You can envision yourself cloaked in the deep blue aura of Michael. If you catch anxious thoughts spiraling out of control, feel Michaels’ strength helping you pivot in a new direction. 

3. Ask Archangel Raphael for Healing

The name Raphael means “God heals”, and he is a powerful angel to invoke when you’re suffering, including mental and emotional suffering.  

Our thoughts have an impact on our emotions and our physical bodies. If one suffers, the other one does, too. Therefore, don’t be afraid of asking Raphael to help you process challenging thoughts and emotions so they don’t get stuck inside. In your meditation, prayers or mindfulness practices, see yourself surrounded in the emerald green aura of Raphael.

4. Tapping

Similar to acupuncture, tapping focuses on meridian points throughout your body. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these meridians points are locations through which body energy flows.

If these pathways become blocked and imbalanced, they can cause problems in the mind and body. With tapping, however, you can stimulate these meridian points, reduce stress and release pent-up emotions surrounding difficult issues. 

Before you start tapping, you need to create a statement that expresses both the current problem and your self-acceptance. Usually, the statement follows this structure: Even though I am/have [__________], I deeply and completely accept myself.

Take some time to create a statement that expresses your current worry, stress or fear. Are you ready to try tapping?

Sit in a comfortable seat with your feet on the ground. Then, using the pointer and middle fingers of one hand, tap each of the following points seven times. As you tap, repeat your statement. 

  • Above your eyebrow
  • At the side of your eye
  • Under your eye
  • Under your nose
  • On your chin
  • On your collarbone
  • Under your arm
  • On the top of your head

5. Write Appreciation Pages

Gratitude can be a powerful practice when the world feels topsy turvy. That’s because gratitude can shift and lift your vibration. And if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to do that, try writing appreciation pages, like Jess Lively, host of The Lively Show podcast.

All you need is a word document or any other writing program on your phone or PC. Keep this file open, and whenever there’s a lull at work, or you’re waiting in line somewhere, or you start to feel restless or unsettled, write appreciation statements.

The basic statement is: “I appreciate ___________ so much!” 

Whenever you start writing, try to create as many appreciation statements as you can. It immediately places you in the present moment; it places your focus on what you do have and what does make you feel good; and it primes your brain to look for and focus on blessings, rather than problems.

6. Meditate with Your Angels 


Meditation is a well-known tool to reduce stress, increase feel-good neurotransmitters, and calm the sympathetic nervous system. It’s also a powerful way to connect to your intuition, the Divine and your angels. 

The next time you want to meditate, ask your angels to join you. It’s just one of the many ways to work with your angels to feel peace. Remember, you have the gift of the angels, and their healing presence is available to you at all times. 

7. Invoke Angel Gadiel

You’re probably familiar with the Archangel’s Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. But do you know Angel Gadiel? His name means “God is my wealth”, and he can provide wonderful support during stressful times.

One of the biggest drivers for fear, worry, and stress is a lack of mentality. We worry about not having enough and running out. And that goes for everything from money, to food, to health, to opportunities. This lack of mentality can hold us back, keep us stuck and prevent us from receiving the gifts that the Divine wants to give us.

Gadiel reminds us that there is no shortage, that there is always enough, and that life is always providing for us. He reminds us that the signature of life is abundance, not lack. Call on Gadiel to shift from a “not-enough” mindset to a “more-than-enough” mindset.

8. Move Your Body

We’ve explored many mindful and spiritual ways to find calm and peace, but remember: we’re still humans having a human experience. And while it’s imperative to take care of our minds and spirits, we also need to tend to our bodies.

Emotions can build up in the body, resulting in dis-ease, discomfort, and tension. Moving your body can help to shake up this energy. Plus, the human body is designed to move. And when we move our body, we can move our mood, too.

Gentle stretches, yoga, or pilates are all great places to start. If you like something a bit more intense, work up a sweat with an intense workout. 

waterfall image

9. Give Yourself Permission to Rest

When global changes force people to drastically change the way they live and work, it can influence the collective energy of the planet. You may sense it, too. The collective energy may feel heavy, and for some, this is resulting in an increased feeling of tiredness and sleepiness.

If you’re feeling this shift, give yourself permission to rest. This can mean going to bed 15 minutes earlier. Or, sleeping longer in the mornings. Check-in with your body and honor what it needs. If your body is calling for more rest, know that it’s okay to do that.

10. Trust in a Higher Power

In the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope sometimes address people all over the world. In Pope Francis’ most recent address, Urbi et Orbi, he spoke of a Biblical story. In the story, Jesus and his apostles were out to sea, when a powerful storm arose. 

The apostles were afraid they would sink, but Jesus slept calmly at the helm. The apostles cried out to him for help and asked if he even cared about them. Jesus replied, “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?” 

Right now, many people might feel just like the apostles in a boat. Like them, we might feel as though the Universe is conspiring against us. Consider that the words of Jesus remind us to trust in a higher power. For some, this may be God, the Divine, the Universe, Love, etc.

The world may be in flux, but do we trust that the Universe will always have our backs? Can we entertain the possibility that we are always held in love and taken care of, even if it doesn’t feel that way? Remembering this can provide a deep sense of peace. Forgetting can make us feel abandoned at sea.

11. What Gift Can You Offer Right Now?

In the famous Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy”, the boy feels unworthy: “I have no gift to bring that’s fit to give our king.” In a time when the world is changing so fast, many of us might feel the same way: helpless, powerless, and unworthy. 

When we consider the state of events, it might be hard to imagine that anything we do can make a difference. Try not to let this unworthiness bring you down. 

Every single person came to earth with a unique set of gifts – gifts that you can use right now. Is your gift to hold space for those who are suffering? Is your gift to create inspiring resources to uplift the community? Is your gift to serve others at your job? 

Look deeply: your gifts might not seem “good enough” or “cool enough”, but your gifts are probably needed now – more than ever. And using them for others will also help you feel so much better, too.

Feeling calm and peaceful might seem like a long shot, but as you can see, it all starts with you. We hope these 11 ideas spark inspiration and support you in finding a sweet sense of calm and peace right now.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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