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The fortunate ones work because they love what they do, not because of the bills. Even if they won the lottery, they'd still get up every morning doing what they love.

When to run from the palm reader

When to run from the palm reader by Sara Sirolli Dispelling the myths: Palmistry is one of those subjects, like politics and religion, that evokes strong opinions, usually for or against. It surprises me that in this day and age and…
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Life Lessons: Unconditional Acceptance

Life Lessons: Unconditional Acceptance by Pat Campbell A couple of years ago I met a dear old lady who I will call Annie (not her real name). She was 97 and very frail and unable to walk but with a mind as bright as a button. I only knew…

Intuition and Your Mind

Intuition and Your Mind by Andrea Hess When it comes to intuitive development, the biggest obstacle we possibly face is our own mind. It works really, really hard to dissuade us from believing our intuitive insights. Why? Because it enjoys…

The Missing Secret of the Law of Attraction

This is what I was talking about in my last podcast.  People forget they need to actually "live" their lives. ~ Sheri ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Missing Secret of the Law of Attraction by Ryan Porter Now I know…

Faith of the Innocent

I wrote this some time ago but ran across it and decided to post it here ... Faith of the Innocent As I looked into my son's eyes one night, I saw something amazing. I saw absolute trust, absolute faith . . . in me. He knows that…

DeClutter Your Life

I loved this article!  I found it on Oprah's website.  I am always talking to clients about getting rid of clutter ... okay, please at least read the ground rules below.  If you like what you read, there's a link at the end to the rest of…

Worthless Religion

Worthless Religion by J. Kip Givens posted from the Magical Buffet I don’t have a lot of patience for religion or religious people! Frankly, religion makes me ill and religious people bring out the worst in me. Religion is filled…

Angel Communication 101

There are two common questions that may come to mind when hearing the term Angel Reader or Angel Medium. “What’s that?” And “How do you do it?”