Hello Everyone,

I’m Kelly Elliott, an intuitive energy healer, and EFT practitioner from Toronto, Canada

I had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Sheri at the Angel Card Reader Certification Course with Doreen Virtue last month here in Toronto.  Sheri has such a warm, inviting energy, and I was lucky enough to meet her and share the afternoon. Shortly after I sat down, Sheri introduced herself, and immediately said,” You are an energy healer aren’t you?” Right away it was evident to me that this woman had some amazing intuitive abilities.  As we practiced our card reading skills together, Sheri gave me some great insight and advice for my life, and I can see that she was accurate in so many ways.  

Spending the afternoon with Doreen Virtue was also a great experience, and I was reminded of how important it is to mentally cut our etheric cords.  These cords of attachment can occur when we work as a helper, or even within our personal relationships.  Sometimes people can drain our energy and we can begin to feel ill or lethargic, for no apparent reason.  

Releasing balloonsWe had worked with many different people that afternoon, and on the ride home from the conference I was developing a headache; something that never occurs with me.  I could feel the pressure building, and building.  My friend driving said, “Cut your cords!” I simply imagined myself cutting any cords of fear, or attachment that were draining my energy.   Within a minute my head began to feel absolutely fine.  Moments before, all I had wanted to do was get home, and go to bed.  Now I was feeling alive, and ready to keep going. Often when we cut cords from people, evidence will show up in our life that it has worked.  

I am reminded of a time a few years ago when I just couldn’t seem to get this guy I had dated out of my energy and mind.  He wasn’t very pleasant, and I really wanted nothing to do with him.  I thought to myself, I wonder if there is some cord lingering there?  I couldn’t believe it, after imagining a cord being cut, and sending the cord back to him, he called me within 10 minutes. We had not spoken in months!  Now I don’t think that was any coincidence, but if the cord was cut then why did he call?  I read somewhere that it was because he noticed energetically I was gone.  He felt like something was missing.  

Apparently this is very common. So the next time you cut the cords from an old attachment, instead imagine yourself reconnecting that cord of theirs back to the source of the universe.  That way they won’t notice anything is missing, and you won’t get any surprise phone calls! 

Kelly Elliott
Free Your Life

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  1. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    Hello Kelly,

    I just become a REIKI Master/Teacher and I really appreciate your insight and tips with cutting the cord to release fear and negative

    I would love to keep in touch with you.

    Have a blessed week.

    Bridget 🙂


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