The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”  ~Mother Teresa
We all have experienced times that our hearts were open and just at the wrong moment, something traumatic occurred that caused us to protect our precious emotions and close the door to more pain. So we shielded our ‘Heart’ along with the beautiful emotions of Love, Hope and Trust we were feeling; and hid it away from the world for a while.
Some people hide their hearts in substance abuse, some through over work or relationship avoidance. No matter how or when ‘Faith was lost’, there’s a way to retrieve the emotional health of what’s missing. The love that was created, still exists within you, and even though physical surroundings have changed, your Heart maintains the Love essence you tucked away, the very quality that you want back.
“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.”  ~Chinese Proverb
Heart Chakra Meditation for Attracting Love - rose proverbThis act of protecting our precious ‘soul fragments’ is a spiritually healthy choice, but if we forget to ‘call them home’, we suffer emotionally. Sometimes we forget to open that door again, or we forget how to even open the door. So it feels like an empty space exists, where Joy once lived. That Joy, Love, Trust and Hope are all still safe and sound, tucked away right where we hid them. The thing is, we just need to call them ‘home’.
The heart chakra is our fourth chakra, and represents the ultimate, epic, powerfully positive energy of LOVE. Heart Chakra is in the center of our chest and encompasses not only the heart, but also organs of thymus glands and lungs; area of ribs, breasts, and shoulders, all the way to hands; plus the entire circulatory system. As our heart heals, so do these other areas of our body.
The first step is to allow yourself to focus on the middle of your chest, the fourth, or Heart, Chaka. In Heart we navigate through our emotional body, and find the parts of ourselves which feel ‘blocked’ and immobile. These present themselves as ‘dark areas’ if you are visual when you meditate; or a dead-end sensation, if you are body intuitive.
A way to find out what it is that needs clearing out is to close your eyes and “ask” (Angels, God, your spirit guide,your power animals etc) for a message about what it is that emotionally blocks you from Love. Sometimes you’ll see an image like a picture of what you must give attention to; and other times you will just ‘know’ the answer with a ‘gut feeling’. How ever you receive your answer, the key is to allow yourself to inwardly focus on the ‘block’ within your heart chakra. Don’t shy away from the answer, even if you feel repulsed. Facing this is key.
“Darkness may hide the trees
and the flowers from the eyes,
but it cannot hide love from the soul.” 
~ Kahlil Gibran, Love Letters In the Sand
 You will find love in every painful experience. Sift through the ‘dirt’ and retrieve your gold nuggets.
The next step is to request assistance with finding out what spiritual ‘medicine’ is needed to unblock what is blocked. Sit and dwell on your question as long as you need to. You may receive an answer that you must forgive somebody, or that you need to surrender control over something you are struggling with. . . to Let Go and Let God. The fourth chakra is an ultimate messenger of “Let Go, Let God”; and with lessons of forgiveness.
Forgiveness and letting go are major challenges and THE MOST HEALING act you can choose, to unblock your heart energy.
The final step is- do what you spiritually know you must do, to cleanse the ‘block’ and open your heart energy once again. As you cleanse the area, imagine a waterfall of sparkly healing white light pouring into your entire heart, purifying the igniting space Love and Joy. Then sit with this meditation, as long as you can, and dwell in your Heart. Enjoy the FEELING of love while focusing on gratitude for the happiness experienced now. Be present with the happiness. Love energy feels (to me), as soft, safe, ‘connected to Source’, cottony, floaty, flowing, gentle, non judgmental, and light.
As you feel love, this is a perfect time to humble yourself to allow a pure longing of what you desire to be sent out in the form of prayer; be genuine and true to yourself; fantasize and visualize your desire. Send out gratitude and thankfulness to the spiritual help you are receiving. Trust you are being heard.. Stay in your Heart Chakra this whole time, and feel LOVE – with no guild.
“You are the Essence of the Essence,
The intoxication of Love.
I long to sing Your Praises
but stand mute
with the agony of wishing in my heart!” 
― Rumi
The more powerfully you can FEEL what you desire, the stronger your spiritual, magnetic ability to attract to you what you desire, will be. If you feel a dead-end, or a block in this stage,  go back to step one. It is most important you are able to reach a FEELING of Love during the final portion of this meditation. Being unable to feel joy and love here indicates you still need to fully clear away a block in your heart. It is most likely something or someone you have not forgiven, or a need to Let Go and Let God.  Stay in that first stage of meditation for as long as it takes, and as many times as it takes, to clear your heart energy so you can replace the blocked areas with Love and Joy again.
When you reach your desired meditation space and can feel love energy, send out your prayer wrapped in the feeling of what you desire. I like to send it out in a bubble of energy that floats into the sky; and then  Let Go, Let God. Surrender to the unknown of When, How, Who,  o What . . . and trust you have been heard, that it unfolds when the time is right, and for the highest good of all. A prayer made in the energy of Love is positive and connected to the Angels.
While you dwell in your Heart, place your awareness also above your head (Crown chakra); and you may meet your Guardian Angel, who connects with your Heart Chakra energy. A way to communicate more clearly with your Angel is to speak (spiritually) from your HEART to your Angel.
Write down a perfect outcome you desire on a piece of paper, as if you are living it. Smile, enjoy, feel  it alive and breathing- the entire time you write this down.
A white candle burning can help you focus your energy. Most of all, remember that what you focus on expands . . . so your Love expands when you feel it, and attracts back to you Love.
“For perfect love casteth out fear, and fear can only be from the material things that soon must fade away. And thus hold to the higher thought of eternity. For life is a continual experience.”  ~ Edgar Cayce.
 I must confess that my most well read, beloved spiritual book is Anatomy of Spirit, by Caroline Myss; I encourage anyone who would love to learn more about chakra healing to read her book. A wonderful Children’s Book, for all ages, is The Little Soul and The Sun, by Neale Donald Walsch; and finally, a teacher and self published author, Vianna Stibal  wrote – Go Up and Work with God, book 2 – a wonderful treasure chest of effective meditations for healing and love.
May your heart be blessed, this month and always.

(¯` ´¯). *
`*.¸.* ´* peace * ´¯`•.¸¸. Love

                          ~  Fawn

About Fawn

Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

Shamanic readings are unique in that they focus on spiritual healing and resolution. Often physical symptoms accompany a need for spiritual healing, because everything is connected. Fawn will journey by drum prior to your connection by Skype, phone and/or email and ask a question you send to her in advance. She will usually connect up with your power animal right away, and then bring back for you any message that spirit gives her for you to hear. Often she will receive a time frame but sometimes not. The information comes in on a 'need to know" basis.

"I can't say enough about Fawn. After over a year of speaking with her, she is truly gifted. I admire the way she guides me; telling me about my path and the road "blocks", always keeping the conversation positive. I don't feel alarmed or worried after our time together. I'm eager for what's to come and aware of what is surrounding me. Thank you!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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  1. Bilba
    Bilba says:

    This is an amazing message, much gratitude Fawn.
    I will read it often this Month as there are many layers
    of feelings it creates.
    Love is indeed the greatest energy in our universe. Yet it is so true
    the blockages have to be cleared with gentleness and compassion.
    I sometimes don’t want to admit the blockage and it just gets more stubborn. I am so pleased to be able to connect to this beautiful website.
    Big Love,


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