Addiction is an issue that affects people from all walks of life. Not only is the addict affected, those people close to the addict will feel the destruction of addictive behavior. This eBook has been compiled to give you information about different addictions and how you can begin your recovery.

Some of the tips included in this book include:

• The importance of understanding what addiction is all about.
• Understanding the stages of addiction and the stages of recovery.
• Information about the detox process.
• Information about treatment programs.
• How you can get the most out of treatment programs.
• The importance of personal goals.
• The importance of finding balance in your life.
• Dealing with denial.
• Getting fit both physically and mentally.
• The importance of finding your own personal power.


The tips outlined in this book will provide addicts and their loved ones with multiple facts, information, and coping tools when it comes to the road to recovery. The more that you understand about your own addiction or the addiction of someone close to you, the better able you’ll be to handle the many aspects of the disease.

Recovery from addiction can take many forms including detox treatment in a medical facility and taking part in a 12-step program. The important thing to focus on is being prepared for the many ups and downs that will be experienced along the way. Addiction affects the addict physically, mentally, and emotionally. This means that the recovery process is three fold and will take time to work through. With time and patience you can recover from your addiction.

Tip #8: Signs of Addiction

The most obvious indication of an addiction is the addict’s need to have a particular drug or other substance. However, there are many other signs that can suggest that there is an addiction. This can include weight loss, weight gain, or changes in mood. Look for the signals that someone you know may have an alcohol or drug addiction. Some of these signals can include:

• using alcohol or drugs to relax
• using alcohol or drugs to forget about problems
• loss of interest in those activities that were once important
• keeping secrets from friends and family
• withdrawing and wanting to spend more time alone
• missing school and unexplained absences
• falling grades
• different friendships that aren’t always healthy
• spending time finding ways to get drugs or alcohol
• stealing money
• stealing items and selling them for cash
• failed attempts at addiction recovery
• anxiety
• depression
• anger
• mood changes

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