More Than They Know

A Poem by Re, founder of Angel Messenger


Warning, this poem refers to child abuse and dark thoughts; it may be triggering for some people.
However it is intended with love and peace for those same people.


More Than They Know

Little girl crying herself to sleep,

crying all her tears ’cause they tell her she’s not worth being known.

Her bruises sting on the inside, too.

She feels so all alone.


They don’t see she’s worth more than they know. Oh, more than they know.

The light inside her will drown out her sorrow and lift her until tomorrow.

‘Cause she’s worth more than they know.


Twelve years old, birthday tears ’cause it wasn’t enough to just say, “no”.

“We don’t want you! Little girl, oh don’t you know! You’re not worth the seeds you sow.”


Tears flow like a river, and she wonders if anyone would miss her if crimson ran down her pale skin.

Would God forgive her?

But, oh she is worth so much more than they know.


She tries to speak truth, but pain is her reward.

No one will ever know the silent tears her heart cried out to the Lord.

No, they never saw she was worth much more than they knew.


Years go by, the little girl remained inside the woman.

She grew and cried and crawled and climbed.

The journey was difficult but gave her courage to be human.


The little girl no one wanted, standing tall, with a heart undaunted,

finally saw she is worth so much more than they knew.


Little girls everywhere, are your hearts broken from those who just don’t know?

Let them be ignorant because I know and now you know, too;

You are worth so much more than they know.


Much Love,


Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

4 replies
  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    Speaks volumes to my inner child. Time to create new vibrations and frequencies within myself. Thank you for this beautiful poem

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    Wow!!!! So powerful!
    Exactly what I needed to hear.
    Thanks, Sheri, for sharing your gifts with all of us.
    You are truly an angel on earth!!


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