Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

There are many ways to live in harmony with Mother Earth, and it’s high time we start. This is not about giving up your material goods and living in a treehouse. Let’s be realistic: Who can do that?

Instead, living in harmony with Mother Earth is practical and doable, no matter what your life situation is. This is an invitation to cultivate a different mindset and to return to a compassionate symbiosis with Mother Earth.

When our mindset thinks differently about our Earth Mother, our actions follow suit.

Change your Mindset about Mother Earth

Western thought is very good at dissecting and compartmentalizing everything. Just look at how we understand the human body: it’s a combination of diverse, separate systems.

Eastern thought, on the other hand, looks at the human body as a holistic whole, where all parts interact and influence each other.

It’s safe to say this separate-style thinking has influenced how we think of ourselves in relation to the earth.

Most people have a Mother Earth Mindset that says: “I’m here. She’s there. And my actions don’t have much/any impact on her.” We desperately need to shift this thinking.

It’s not just that we see ourselves as separate from Mother Earth. We also see ourselves as superior or dominant to her.


Just look at these everyday actions that confirm this:

  • Leaving the lights on (when you leave a room, or when you’re not home)
  • Leaving the water running (when you brush your teeth, for example)
  • Using plastic bags here, there and everywhere
  • Buying items in plastic packaging
  • Eating industrially-raised meat
  • Commuting in single cars
  • Throwing paper and plastic in the garbage
  • Using single-use coffee cups or serving ware
  • Throwing biodegradable material/food in the garbage
  • Washing your face with plastic exfoliating micro-beads
  • Using detergents with harsh chemicals
  • Buying anything you don’t need, like clothing, shoes, accessories or household items

These 12 actions may seem innocuous, however, when we do them every day, they harm Mother Earth. Unfortunately, it’s hard to realize the gravity of these simple actions because we’re so disconnected from our Mother.

We see these things as separate and unrelated. But everything is connected, and every action has a ripple effect.

It might seem like “no big deal” to leave the water running when you brush your teeth, or that you get coffee in a to-go cup. But these actions show disregard to Mother Earth and her wellbeing.

Without Mother Earth, we would not have a physical home for our human experience. Without her, we wouldn’t have food and water to nourish us. We wouldn’t have beautiful places to live in either. Mother Earth is the source of life for us.

However, when we disregard her with those 12 actions, we show that we have essentially forgotten just how much Mother Earth means to us – and how much we need her.

Instead, we drain her loving energy and cover her in refuse. It’s time to show Mother Earth gratitude, reverence and love, and here are 7 easy steps to start living in harmony with her.

#1: Use reusable cups

You can have your coffee and drink it, too – just not from a disposable cup. Instead, invest in a glass or stainless steel cup that you can use every day for years to come. This can significantly help to reduce the waste your coffee habit creates.

#2: Meat Free Mondays

It may not be feasible for you to become vegan or vegetarian. However, you can have at least one meat-free day a week, like Meat Free Mondays. This helps to reduce the consumption of factory-raised animals, whose lives are spent in suffering, and for whom the environment takes a toll.

#3: Live locally

The more we drive, the more we contribute to air pollution. The same is true when we consume foods that have traveled long distances to make it to our stores. Or, when we make endless online purchases for everything and anything.

If possible, live locally. This means, trade in your car for walking, bussing and even biking. If possible, shop at farmer’s markets to support Mother Earth’s abundance right where you are. Finally, try to make do with the shops nearby.

#4: Read the label

Cosmetic, personal and household products may smell delicious, but hidden within all those “fragrances” are harmful chemicals that pollute the water supply and soil.

Start reading your product labels and ditch anything that contains toxins. Hint: most of your products are probably toxic. Replace them with DIY household cleaning products, and seek out clean beauty and personal care products, too.

#5: Go plastic-free

Many Europeans shop with their own, reusable shopping bags instead of buying plastic bags at the checkout lane. No matter where you live, you can do the same.

#6: Connect with Mother Earth

If you feel called to do so, choose a god or goddess that resonates with you, and honor them in your own, special way.

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth, and she is the ancestral mother of all life. In ancient Rome, Ceres was the goddess of agriculture and fertility. Or you may like to pick a Goddess of love and beauty.

Choose your favorite deity, and arrange a small shrine at home, decorated with the goddess’ picture, along with your favorite items from Mother Earth, like crystals, stones, flowers, leaves, and branches.

You can offer a prayer of gratitude, and promise to honor Mother Earth through your actions that day.

#7: Cultivate inner peace

Our actions reflect our inner world. If we want to create peace and harmony in our physical world, we must cultivate inner peace within our own hearts.

This means releasing anger, practicing forgiveness and finding stillness in the present moment.

When we cultivate inner peace, we can create a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth, too. Remember, we are all energetic and our energies can uplift, or they can pull down those around us.

Mother Earth is not an inanimate object. She is brimming with life. Believe that your loving, kind energy can have a positive effect on her – because it can.

By creating a peaceful, inner state, you can offer a soothing balm to Mother Earth, who is under a lot of stress and disrespect lately.

What you can do

It may seem overwhelming to change your Mother Earth Mindset overnight or to overhaul your lifestyle habits. And that’s no good. Overwhelm defeats the purpose, and will probably make you give up altogether.

So, to prevent overwhelm, and to help you make lasting changes, choose one of the seven steps above, and commit to doing that for 2 to 3 weeks. That’s easy, doable and sustainable, right?

It’s never too late to change our actions and to create harmony and peace, rather than suffering and discord for Mother Earth.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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