Homework from Heaven – Part 2

Placing Your Order to Heaven by Valerie

(Continued from Part 1 – The List Assignment)

So your list is completed exactly the way you want it – now what do you do with it?  For the rest of this assignment, you’re going to think of the angels like you would a waiter when you go to a restaurant.  When you go out to eat and the waiter comes to take your order, you don’t just say you’re hungry and to bring you anything.  No, you tell him exactly what you want, the way you want it.  You also don’t follow the waiter back to the kitchen and stand over the chef’s shoulder telling him how to prepare it.  You simply ask for what you want then wait for it to show up exactly as you asked when it’s ready.

That’s what your list is – your order for what you want.  Homework from Heaven Part 2When you’re ready, the first thing you’re going to do is call in your angels.  When I do it, it usually goes something like this: “Ok, guys, order up!  This is what I’m asking for.  I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but that’s your job to figure out, not mine.  I’m just trusting you’re going to take care of it.  Thank you!”  At this point, you can either read your list out loud or to yourself – whatever you feel most comfortable doing.  Then you’re going to put your list away and forget about it.

This is usually the time that my clients will argue, “but I can’t just sit back and do nothing!” and they’re right.  You’re not going to do nothing.  What you’re going to do is wait and watch for signs.  Once you place your order, that’s when the angels can get to work and put the wheels in motion to make things happen.  This is when synchronicities begin to occur and the fun really starts! 

Let’s say you want to find a new job.  You go to the same coffee shop you go to every morning, but soon after you’ve placed your order, you happen to run into a friend you haven’t seen for a while who says, “I can’t believe I’ve run into you, my company has an opening for a new position and I think you’d be perfect for it!”  Or you’re looking for a new home and your co-worker happens to mention that a house in her neighborhood has just gone up for sale.  Your job is to then look into these opportunities further.  Remember, the angels are constantly giving us guidance, but they’ll only give us one step at a time.  Your job is to take action each time they give you a step.  If you do, it will be like following breadcrumbs they’re leaving for you, and they’ll lead you exactly where you want to be.

So if there’s an area of your life you’d like to change, start doing you’re homework and let the angels help you.  Order up!

Valerie is a gifted Angel Psychic and Card Reader who once offered her services here through Angel Messenger. However, Valerie no longer offers these services.

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