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Introductory Consultations with Giovana

I'd like to let you all know that I am putting together a special offer discount for everyone who attends my webinar, Be Your Beauty, on Sept. 10th 2013 and this includes people who listen to the replay as well that may not be able to attend live . The replay will be available for 2 weeks post event. I am also offering a free 20min phone consultation to anyone interested in discussing the services I offer and how I can assist you the most on your journey.
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What does it mean to "Be YOUR Beauty"?

What exactly does "Be Your Beauty" mean? The name came to me back in early 2000 when I was creating my business. The "Your" part of the title is the key. It is about finding what is true for YOU and having the confidence to be that in your life...
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Be YOUR Beauty

Announcing ... Be Your Beauty ~ The 3 Keys to a Life of Beauty ~ Tuesday, September 10th at 7:00pm Eastern. An Angel Messenger Event brought to you by guest speaker Giovana, M.A. of and hosted by Rev. Sheri.