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Heart Felt LoveMy heart’s desires are to inspire and support people to Be their true selves and shine in the world.  

What exactly does “Be Your Beauty” mean?   The name came to me back in early 2000 when I was creating my business.  The “Your” part of the title is the key.  It is about finding what is true for YOU and having the confidence to be that in your life.  It’s not about conforming or fitting in.  What is your uniqueness?  What is it that is different about you that maybe you are shy about presenting or speaking of or creating?  Where do you hide in your life?  and why?  

We are in the most perfect time on our planet to make changes in our lives.  In fact that is what is being called for.  There are extremely transformative energies assisting the Earth and all of us to shift and raise our vibrations.  It is not about going into fear, but about going into Love.  To live your life from the heart, let your heart inspire you and guide you.

I spent most of my life hiding my light, my talents, my passions, who I really was, up until I left my full time career in the fashion industry.  I hid myself to please others, frenemies, non supportive family members and boyfriends.  For instance, I was a born actor, writer and story telling person.  I love storytelling!  I love movies!  What a great way to reach so many people and to express!  I didn’t pursue that path until a few years ago because I did not have the faith in myself to do so.  I did not have the knowing that it IS a big part of my journey and a way I would be able to serve the evolution of consciousness on the planet while doing something I absolutely love to do.

You will know you are hiding parts of you because there will be a feeling of unease in what you are doing.  Whether it is in relationships or your work/career choice, how you act around friends. family, coworkers.  There will be a pull inside of you, your soul, that is trying to get your attention.  That feeling is a pivotal marker in your life, a turning point, a crossroads.  I hope you will explore this and what it means for you.

Discovering who you are, your inner truth, your inner beauty, is the most important thing anyone can do for themselves and in turn, the world.  Letting go of all that stops you from being all YOU can be is magical.  There is a great beauty that shines out from you when you understand your truth and follow it.  This allows more light into your being and a connection and alignment with your inner self.  Then you really do glow, you will truly shine!

Shine on!

“Live a Beauty-Full Life”

Giovana Abbenante M.A. is an intuitive counselor and transformation alchemist specializing in energy psychology and healing.  She is a metaphysical educator, writer, public speaker and a creative consultant for projects in media, fashion and beauty.

GiovanaOver the last 12 years,  Gio has given presentations and workshops at the United Nations, the New Life Expo in NYC, various spa and wellness centers as well as local television and radio shows across the country. 

Giovana conducted self esteem and empowerment groups for young women at NYU, where she received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and worked in recovery clinics in Los Angeles assisting those with chemical dependencies.

Her passion is to partner with like minded individuals and organizations to develop projects geared toward inspiring and guiding humanity toward positive change.


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