Check out our New Free Tarot Website! is the newest addition to our Angel Messenger family.  As our “sister site”, Free Tarot offers 16 different Free Online Tarot Card ReadingsTarot Readings for Success & Career, Soulmate Tarot Readings, the Celtic Cross and more. 

It has taken my husband and I the better part of a year to get this website where it is today, and we are so happy this new readings section is so amazing.  When you click the name of any card (purple link below card), a new page opens up with alternate cards, meanings and a video description.  There’s also a whole library of Tarot videos to help you to learn more about the Tarot!  I really hope you will all love this site as much as we do.  Remember, we will soon be adding some really wonderful practitioners to the site as well.  🙂

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

Rev. Sheri explains how to get the most out of your Free Tarot Card Reading from
Soulmate Tarot Readings, Tarot Card Readings for Success & Career, Celtic Cross and more.

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