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Happiness Despite Problems: How To Find Happiness And Turn Your Life Around
by: Jeremy Gislason

Ever wonder how some people can work under pressure and still have a smile on their face? Or how some people remain genuinely pleasant, even though their plans don’t exactly push through? The answer is simple. These people know the secret to happiness despite having problems.

You must be thinking. Good for them. They must have a really nice job, a high-paying salary, a generous boss and a wonderful work environment. It’s not that difficult to find happiness when you can easily pay your bills or when you have your dream job. How does this concern me? I only have a regular job, a regular pay, a crappy cubicle and an even crappier superior… How do I turn my life around for the better?

Well, the answer lies in you yourself. Don’t sound so surprised. You don’t need all those grand dreams to be happy where you are. Those rewards will come in time. Believe it or not, you can achieve happiness despite any problems that may come your way.

How Do You Deal With Your Situation?

The first thing you have to do to achieve happiness despite problems is to accept your situation. Don’t pine for the lives of others. If you keep on looking at your neighbor’s grass, you’ll only strain your neck and miss out on possibly finding happiness in your own garden.

Take the time to see where you’re at. And I mean, really look at what you have. Everyone has something of value. Whether it’s in the form of connections, of friends, of insights or of opportunities, everyone has something worthy. Be grateful for the things you have.

Accepting what you have allows you to see things clearer. Instead of spending the day grousing about your job, take a few minutes to appreciate the positive elements in it. Despite having a stingy boss, don’t you find solace in your fellow employees? Despite earning salaries at minimum rate, aren’t you picking up a lot of invaluable work experience?

There are a lot of things you should be grateful for. If you have a family, be thankful that you’re all still together. If you have a roof over your head, be grateful for that, too.

There’s an Ancient Persian quote that says: “I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.” This goes to show that even though you think you’re burdened with problems, you should still count your blessings and show your appreciation towards what you have, no matter how trivial you might think they are.

Do You Know Your Own Purpose?

One of the key steps to achieving happiness despite having problems is to discover what your purpose or contribution is to your family, society, or company. For example, your job isn’t just a grueling 9-5 routine. It serves a bigger purpose. Without your job, the company would not be able to function well. Find the meaning behind your work and you’ll soon find yourself motivated to perform your best. You’ll have a better reason to wake up every morning and you’ll have more energy to complete the tasks assigned to you.

Think about firefighters for example. Why do you think men and women on the fire brigade are so passionate about their jobs? Obviously, it’s not the safest occupation in the world. But if you ask many of these brave individuals, they’ll tell you one common thing. Lives are at stake. It’s their duty to save as many lives as they can. Firefighters are clear about what they’re supposed to do. They help others. Period.

The problem with most people who are unhappy with their way of life is that they don’t know what they’re supposed to do. Sure, they have a list of tasks to fulfill and they might even finish the list promptly, but as to what their purpose in life is… Their mind draws a blank.

Think about your job. Think about the people closest to you. When you think about others for a change, you might be surprised at how easy the answers will come to you.

How Big A Difference Does A Small Step Make?

Achieving happiness despite being surrounded by problems doesn’t call for you to take grand leaps of faith. Not all the time, anyway. Even a small act of kindness can uplift your day. A quiet shift of thought can do miracles for your mood. And even a small dose of sugary confections can change your world entirely.

Everything you need to turn your life around is in your hands. Everything is just a matter of perception. When you’re unhappy, you tend to ignore the little things. You finish your cup of coffee at an alarming rate and hurry back to your desk with a frown on your face.

For once, why don’t you take your time in the snack room and savor the aroma of your coffee? Even ten minutes of peace can have an impact on the rest of your day. Take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Or call an old friend to meet with you for lunch.

Achieving happiness despite problems is not a difficult thing; and yet so many people seem to have a hard time with it. While there’s no such thing as a perfect world, you always have full control over yourself, your attitude and your mindset.

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