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Meditative Moments: Brain Massage

School gets out for the summer this week, so I thought I'd better massage my poor brain now. ;) Seriously, it's going to be great having my son home, but it will be a busy couple of months. I hope you will enjoy this!
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Meditative Moments: Centering in the Craziness

So, on top of dreaming about planets flying off a birthday cake and coming after me, I'm stressing about projects that are currently driving me crazy.
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Weekday Wisdom: Energy Vampires & Protecting Your Energy

The topic of energy vampires and protecting your energy has been really weighing on my mind over the past few weeks. It's something I've been personally dealing with as my own energy is so sensitive to my surroundings. There are two videos below that discuss what energy vampires are and how to deal with them. I also found an interesting article on using food to ground and protect your energy.
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Meditative Moments: Me Time In The Rain

Schedule in an hour of time somewhere for yourself this week. Use this relaxing forest rain as your gentle timer, and have some "you" time.
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Meditative Moments: Angels, Chakras & Tarot

Hello! It's a new week and new meditation. This week I've selected a Chakra Clearing Meditation by Doreen Virtue, and below that you will find a video from Doreen introducing her newest oracle card deck - The Angel Tarot, which is now available.
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Weekday Wisdom: Relationships Are a Mirror Into Us

Katherine explains how our relationships are a mirror of our own relationship with ourselves. Great food for thought! She also has a free online seminar coming up on April 21st about attracting true love.
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Astrology Forecast April 2012

Mercury direct ... finally! Whew!!!
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Meditation Monday: Come on, You have 5 Minutes ...

I would say that meditation is by far the most recommended homework assigned to clients by their guides and angels. Why? For starters, meditation helps us connect with our guides and angels on our own - without the need for an intermediary.
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How To See Your Aura - The Mirror Method

After Monday's meditation on cleansing your aura, I thought it fitting to post something on how to actually see your aura. This video is a very basic explanation, but she goes on with other videos if you wish to learn more.
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Aura Meditation - Cleanse & Charge Your Aura

This is a really well done Aura Meditation. I actually teach a similar method of using the stream of water in your shower to visualize and physically feel the white light flowing within and around your body. As the white light flows into you, it washes away debris and literally takes it down the drain to be transmuted and released back to the universe.
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Archangels Meditation Music

Monday is a great time to take a moment and center ourselves for the coming week. Yes, you do have time ... it's only ten minutes! Relax and press the play button.