Careers & God, How to Discover Who You Are
by Kathi Calahan

You work because you have bills to pay. Or do you?

The fortunate ones work because they love what they do, not because of the bills. Even if they won the lottery, they’d still get up every morning doing what they love.

How about you?

In Discovering Your Life’s Work, you will not only find out who you are, but spiritually find far more to your career choice than meets the eye. Unless we were thinking of joining the church as a priest, preacher, or nun, who’d have thought spirituality and our careers would go together? They do and I’ll show you how, right now.

Your soul is that part of your being which came from God. The day you were born you already had all the talents, interests and skills you were ever going to need to make a beautiful life for yourself. As we grow older, many of us forget these God-given gifts and the purpose of our birth. But the way we discover who we are is to remember our gifts.

Sometimes our talents are readily noticeable at a very young age, such as with child prodigies. According to author, Rick Chillot, “It’s said the Pablo Picasso had an interest in drawing even before he could speak. Perhaps that’s why, once he finally could talk, he immediately started demanding that his father (an artist himself) give him his paintbrushes.”Today we know that your career is nothing more than one perfect opportunity to make use of your gifts, thereby discovering who you are and why you are here. The whole process involves recognizing your connection to God and finding work that you dearly love. Your career is the perfect outlet for making use of your talents, interests and skills.

It is said that precocious Pablo Picasso refused to start school in Spain unless he was allowed to draw whenever he wanted. Fortunately, his parents and teachers saw the potential and gave him what he wanted. Do you feel that passionate about the work that you do? Is your career like breathing to you?

In a recent New York Daily News article, writer Bill Manville describes spirituality as more than religion, giving way to the idea that God is more involved with our lives than we originally thought. He says, “My belief is the life of the spirit covers a vast rainbow of ideas, religion being only one…but to me, spirituality includes just about every value invisible to your accountant.” So, to find the perfect career, you only need the following:

A belief in some kind of God or Spiritual Creator A recognition that you have unique spiritual gifts which include talents, interests and skills A willingness to look deeply within yourself and ask the right questions What are the right questions? Easy.

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my favorite skill? What is my favorite talent? What am I most interested in? How can I make use of my favorite skill, talent and interest and make a living, while contributing to society?

Easy, right? Well, maybe not easy, but definitely interesting. You have a purpose and there is a reason why you’re here. When will you start?

About the Author

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Certified Behavioral Therapist and Spiritual Career Counselor, Kathi Calahan is “The Idea Queen” and “Go-To Person” for solutions to your everyday problems. Using the principles of spirituality, she will help you find the work best suited to your personality and Soul’s desire.

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