Reiki is a wonderful healing method that has been around for a very long time.  While many people who study Reiki end up becoming practitioners and healing others, Reiki is also an amazing tool for self-healing.  I myself have taken Reiki classes to level 2.  I’ve thought about taking the master class, but that can be quite expensive.  Recently, I did some research and ran across three different home study courses, and, though I have not tried any of them yet, I thought to share them with my readers.

I am personally interested in taking a home study course because it’s something I could do at home when I have time.  The first course is only $97, and this one offers a free 7 part audio series.  The other two, which are actually video courses, are only $47, and one has a free preview of the first 9 lessons.  The other nice thing is that all three are being sold through Clickbank, which means there’s a 60 day money back guarantee.  Gotta love that!  😉

Anyway, the information is below.  If you find it useful and give something a try, please let me know how you like it.  Since the courses are being sold through Clickbank, I signed up as an affiliate.  So, if you do purchase a home study course through a link on my site, you will also be helping to support Angel Messenger.

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day!

Angel Blessings,


Reiki Home Study Courses:

Reiki Master Training The Third Way.

Stop!!…before You Spend $100s On Expensive Reiki Training There Is Something Very Important That You Should Know.
Usui Reiki Healing Master ~ Become A Certified Reiki Master, Audio Cds, Reiki Certificates, Reiki Attunements.

Usui Reiki Master Video Home Study Course.

You Can Become A Certified Usui Reiki Master In As Little As Just 24 Hours With The Number 1 Reiki Master Home Study Course – Includes Reiki 1, 2 And Master Certification And Reiki 1, 2 And Master Distant Attunements.



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