What to Do When You Feel Unworthy of Love

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

A lot of women (and men too) feel unworthy of love. The seeds of these negative emotions are usually sown in early childhood or through some major traumatic experiences in adulthood. Perhaps, there was a parent who made you feel that you aren’t worthy of being loved unless you did certain things or behaved a certain way. It could also be that in a romantic relationship your partner made you feel that you aren’t worth loving for who you really are.

The point I am trying to make here is that the issues that we are currently facing in our lives don’t come from a vacuum – they originated at a specific point in time triggered by certain experiences.

All Answers are Present in the Subconscious

Hence, it’s important to dive deep into the recesses of the subconscious mind to identify the patterns that govern our life and the thoughts that are currently shaping our reality. Once you come to fully recognize the fact that all your negative emotions and mindsets have a point of origin along with a reason for their development, you also gain the power to release them.

It is also important to understand that nothing is ‘True’ or “Real.’ Everything is a creation – each one of us is a holographic representation of the entire Universe. We are the creators of our destiny –the scriptwriters and the directors of our life’s story. It’s just that only some of us have fully awakened to the realization of this infinite power within us. The rest of humanity is creating its destiny unconsciously, thereby, manifesting a life of pain and miseries.

Role of the Ego

All negative beliefs about the Self originate in the ego. They are the fabrications of the false ‘I’ which is constantly seeking to find happiness in something outside of itself.

The entire Universe is held together by the power of unconditional love. The trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds – are all living manifestations of unconditional love. You’ll never find a bird wondering whether it is worthy of love or not.

A human being is probably the only creature who tortures himself with such negative speculations. Let me ask you something – when the very essence of who you are is unconditional love, then how can the question of being unworthy of it even arise?

Meditation Ends All Miseries

When we enter deep meditation, all our miseries cease to exist. In a meditative state, it’s impossible for someone to be depressed or feel inadequate. Why? Because at that time we are no longer identified with the false ‘I’ – we become one with the Universe and the Universe is nothing but unconditional love.

The question of being worthy or unworthy can exist only as long as you believe you need something outside of yourself. Seek the ocean of love that lies within as nothing else can give you true fulfillment.

YOU Are the Only Person Who Can Change Your Life

The ultimate relationship is the one you have with yourself. Whether you believe it or not, every other relationship is only a reflection of this one relationship. 

If you think that others don’t accept and love you the way you truly are, then, let me ask you this: Do you love and accept yourself unconditionally?

You cannot expect someone else to give you what you don’t have for yourself. The day you will start fully accepting and loving yourself unconditionally, either your relationships with others will transform or they will end making room for more loving relationships to form.

Reclaim Your Power

Healing must begin from within because the world outside is only a magnified reflection of everything that exists within. Don’t deplete your power by blaming others or by thinking that they need to change. You must take full responsibility – this doesn’t mean that you have to feel guilty about everything that’s not right in your life.

Instead, taking responsibility means recognizing that you have the power to create the life you want. You have the ability to transform all the situations of your life and manifest a reality you truly want to experience.

Start by believing that you are an amazing person who radiates love, kindness, generosity, and everything positive. Eventually, you will start attracting people, circumstances, and experiences that are vibrating at a higher frequency. Hence, if you want others to make you feel amazing about yourself, then you must start by making yourself feel so.

Practical Tips

Feeling inadequate and unworthy is a negative emotion that vibrates at a very low frequency. When you are connected to this wavelength, you attract negative people in your life who strengthen your negative belief-system.

You can transform your life only by transforming yourself. Here are some practical tips for dealing with thoughts of unworthiness:

  • Every time you find yourself falling into the rabbit hole of feeling unworthy and negative, gently remind yourself that you are the creator of your destiny – what you believe is what you experience.
  • Practice this affirmation as many times a day as possible, “I accept myself exactly the way I am. I love myself unconditionally. Everyone loves me. I’m a wonderful person who deserves to be loved and respected.”
  • Respect yourself and your needs. Make time to look after your body, mind, and soul. You are your own greatest responsibility. You must take care of yourself first as you can never pour from an empty cup.
  • Practice meditation every day. This is akin to charging the battery of your soul. Just like you won’t let your cell phone go a long time without charging its battery, you don’t want to go too long without connecting with the Source. This is how you can increase your personal power and use it to manifest a reality that you truly want to experience.
  • Don’t allow anyone else to decide your worth. Walk away from relationships that don’t serve you anymore. If you can’t walk away from certain relationships, then, at least, establish clear boundaries in them.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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