Yes, I am a “Twilight” fan!  For those of you who don’t know this book, the movie comes out Friday.  I am very excited about this and plan to go with several friends this Friday night or Saturday morning.  Twilight is the first of a four book trilogy by Stephenie Meyer, and I LOVED it!  If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll like this movie.  If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, I’m sure you’ll still like this movie.  It’s about a teenage girl who finds herself at a new school and in love with a vampire … he’s the kind that won’t drink her blood, actually.

Okay, so maybe it sounds a little weird, but I’m not all that normal anyway.  Oh well.  Here’s my note to all Twilight fans … ENJOY THE MOVIE!  I know I will!

Parents, if you have a teenage daughter, consider taking her to this movie and maybe even buying her the book.  This book actually helped me discover my love for paranormal romance novels, and now I can’t stop reading!  That’s not a bad thing.  Oh, there will be kissing in the movie ..

~ Sheri

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