I am so excited for Spring to finally be here!!!  Autumn used to be my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors, but the new life that can only be found in the Spring has certainly captured my heart. 

This past Saturday, my family had a early Easter celebration because my mom is having knee surgery this week.  As I was trudging through ice, mud and snow to hide Easter eggs, Easter eggI did notice a few bits of green trying to push through the frozen Earth.  Although hunting for Easter eggs in the snow was a bit unusual, it was reassuring to see that Mother Nature is hard at work.  However, my husband reminds me that he had already been golfing in 80 degree weather by this time last year.  Maybe Mother Nature took a vaca and is a bit behind?  It’s supposed to be 40 degrees here in Michigan today; we’re having a heat wave, so maybe Mom Nature is catching up.  😉  Let’s hope! 

Have a fun filled and blessed day!

Angel Blessings,


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