Inspiration for Your Spiritual Journey Now1

Inspiration for Your Spiritual Journey Now

by Kashia Bran, guest writer for Angel Messenger

“Dear Angels,”

I find myself saying. “I am ready for this new adventure.”

“What lies ahead of me?” Whatever I am consistently willing to put my energy/focus into.

“What lies behind?” It doesn’t matter. Just a bunch of understandings that I can now pull pearls out of to live my perfect life.

Oh fellow humans, the road behind is very bumpy, not much of a road at all. No need to look back there, other than to gather up the last bits and pieces of wisdom, and understandings that will serve you well on your new road. But ahead? It is unlimited. I see golden fields of wheat, rainbow paths that jut from the ground into a resounding new dawn, I see monarch and blue swallow-tail butterflies the size of frisbees or bee hives. I see people of a lighter nature, happy and playing together.

Play, something many of us truly don’t remember. Even as children, how quickly play gave way to competition and dominance struggles. A tragedy. I see above this now. I see it all. Below and behind is this churning, brackish water, that seems to turn into a putrified sludge, but ahead, I see the light, and the light is taking over.

I cannot change the past, the past is over. I wasn’t even there for a good portion of it, but ahead, I am making this road as I go. This rainbow road is mine, and I am leading myself back to my Pure Divine Essence, my Pure Divine Light.

I am moth drawn forward, with no sight or consideration for anything else, because there’s only the light. The more of us that flock like moths, we create a large procession. It’s hard to ignore a huge swarm of moths outside. Different colors, unique patterns, all sizes, and regalia. As we each follow the light, with no room for distraction, we create a new current, that the undecided or lost have to fight or surrender to.

As more of us join this current towards the light, no fight stands a chance. I think we are already at that point.

Dear friends, all I can say is keep going. We come together now stronger than ever. Find your soul-mates, find your comrades, and if you are feeling lost, remember we are swarmed in angelic butterflies all the time, just waiting to scoop us up, give us a hug, and show the way.

I am not one for clichés normally, but this is Real Stuff: “Real Life”.

Our focus is what we create. We don’t need to ignore the other things going on, the other choices being made. But our focus and our creative potential lies in what we choose to zoom in on, and stay with, consistently. Anything is possible family, the past of this world has shown this, in truly astounding ways that we are just beginning to realize.

Having seen our unlimited potential, let’s go back towards the Light, and stick with that, realizing that as we are seeking this Grand Luminescence that IS us, we are bringing more and more of It into our lives.

“The Good Fight,” doesn’t need to be a fight at all, doesn’t need to be a struggle. It certainly demands and commands consistency, and discipline, integrity, and honesty, but what else is there? What choice, really, is there besides that at this point?

It’s clear sailing ahead my friends, and I sail with you to a new life.


About the Writer:

Kashia Bran is a self-taught artist of spiritual and high-vibrational content. She always felt ‘different,” like so many as a child, and it wasn’t until her early 20’s that she began to realize that there were many feeling, “different,” just like her.

Although Kashia tried on many hats in the world, it wasn’t until she devoted herself to her art that she began to feel that she was serving the purpose she had come here to serve.

Daily devotion to what feeds and inspires her soul, as well as others, is what drives her on, as she knows that this is what helps create the positive change so many are seeking in this world.

When she isn’t painting or exploring other art-forms, Kashia loves to knit, spend time with her husband and cat, and spend time soaking in the therapeutic energy of our beloved mother-planet, Gaia. You can find her star-gazing on clear nights, and she will always find at least one ‘star,’ that seems to sparkle just for her.

If you are interested in learning more about Kashia’s art, you can find her on facebook and Etsy:

Life is a perpetual journey, and we are just getting started. May we travel high and far.

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