Learn to Know Yourself Now- You Can be Medically Intuitive

Medically Intuitive You

Learn to Know Yourself Now

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Everyone is intuitive; we are all born with a so-called sixth sense. Each of us can tap into a clairvoyant, clairsentient or claircognizant talent – it just takes practice.

It is possible to open up to your natural psychic abilities and use them to help you regain your whole health. You are naturally “medically intuitive!”

So, how can you put your medical intuition into practice?  As with all psychic development, getting into a meditative state and being still are the key to “tapping in.” As you prepare to tune into your inner self-healing powers, remember, your psychic self-does not operate on facts, logic or reason – your intuition simply knows. The insight from your intuitive senses may come in words, pictures, symbols, archetypes, even in memories. There is a code your intuition uses to communicate – and you alone can decipher it.

To begin, you’ll need a quiet space. You’ll be tuning into yourself as if you were a different person, that is, you will ask your inner self about someone who looks like you, who acts like you and who is named you. It is crucial that you not give your higher self any specifics about your health – this will simply engage your conscious mind and there is no place for conscious thought in the intuitive process! Do not say, for example, “I have such and such a diagnosis.” Simply get quiet and open up to receive loving information from the Mind beyond your mind.

Alone time and a blank slate are your best allies. When you are ready, say, “Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides, I call on you now to assist me. I wish to tap into my inner wisdom to realize my greatest wellness. I wish to understand any blockages or challenges that may compromise my full realization of optimal health. My first name is (say first and last birth name), I was born on (say full birthdate) in the city of (say birth city).”

Then, be still and allow whatever comes to flow through you.

Be mindful that you must accept that everything that comes to you in your session is what it is. Do not tell yourself, for example, “Oh, that ‘hit’ can’t be right because of X, Y, or Z.” 99 times out of 100, your second guessing is wrong. Your cognitive judgment is your biggest challenge – banish it! Censor nothing (except your thinking mind)!

When doing a reading for yourself, you are allowing your physical energy field to merge with your etheric, mental, emotional, causal, and spiritual energy fields. You’ll feel it when you are locked in, vibrating in tandem with these other, energetic parts of you. Sometimes you may feel you have lost a sense of your own identity, sometimes you can feel as though you are floating in a void. However, the process works for you is exactly right.

Your role as the “reader of you” is to tap into your own energy fields to discover if there are any blockages keeping your energy body from flowing freely and easily. You will tune in not only to your own physical body but also to your seven major chakras and to your subtle bodies. Once you are “in” (and you will feel it when it happens!) ask such questions as: “Is/are there any:

  • stagnant or stuck energy?
  • psychological patterns that no longer serve you?
  • long-held patterns in your subtle bodies?
  • disturbances in your vibrational vortices?
  • symbols, feelings, archetypes, or sensations communicated to you by your energy system?
  • chakras functioning less than optimally?”

The keys to becoming good at tuning into your own physical wellbeing are daily meditation, a confident attitude and trusting in yourself. As you focus in on your energy field, allow whatever comes to be what it is. Have a hunch? Trust it! Have faith in yourself. You will be surprised at how accurate your intuitive hits are. Be confident. Your sixth sense can be relied upon – every time. You just need to wake up your subtle sensibilities, practice interpreting the images and symbols that flow to you from your subconscious mind and embrace the medically intuitive you!

Hand Exercise, Feeling the Energy:

When you do medical intuitive readings, you are tapping into your own energy field. Here is a great exercise to practice seeing and feeling energy:

  1. Place your hands out in front of you comfortably, 6 inches or so in front of your body
  2. Turn your dominant hand’s palm upward and your other hand palm down. Push your hands out further, make a fist with both hands.
  3. Open and close your hands, quickly, 1 2 3 open, squeeze closed, open, squeeze closed. Do this 12 times.
  4. Now, open your hands.
  5. Place your palms approximately 6 inches apart, then slowly bring them together.
  6. Don’t touch your palms or fingertips together, just feel the energy between your palms.
  7. You can close your eyes, or, if you keep your eyes open, look at your fingertips – you may see a silver line outlining the fingertips, and when you pull your fingertips slowly apart, you may see a cloudy or shiny line of energy stretching between your fingertips.
  8. Pull your hands apart, see that line stretching? (If you don’t see anything, that’s okay).
  9. Just feel the resistance between your palms as you push them together, not touching, just pushing them together and pulling them apart, feeling that energy pulsing. It’s sticky, push it, pull it, feel the resistance. Maybe you feel a throbbing sensation between your hands? That’s your subtle energetic field. That’s the energy field you are going to work with for readings.
  10. Okay, give your hands shake, dissipate that energy.
  11. Bring your attention back to the room.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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