How to Decode Messages from Your Angels

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

When you feel lonely, abandoned, troubled by your own thoughts or unable to draw and follow your own path in life, remember that you are not alone – even when your friends and family members are thousands of miles away. Angels are always watching over you. Their loving, supportive messages are not very difficult to hear and decode, and they are closer to you and your dearest ones than you may think. Sometimes a deeper thought, a powerful emotion or a delicate whisper is all you need to start a meaningful conversation with your divine messenger.

As an intermediary who helps to facilitate communication with Heaven, I am always asked the following question:

“How can people demystify angel messages and absorb the essential knowledge offered through this form of divine intervention?”

Angels offer you the insight and the blessings that you may require to improve your self-perception, make better decisions, change fundamental aspects of your life and balance your mind, soul and body using the power that is coming from your own internal reservoir of divine knowledge.

Decoding Angel Messages Is a Three-Step Process

How to Decode Messages from Your AngelsWhile angels do not intend to interfere with your life, they will offer you the guidance and support that you may need to overcome an obstacle, deal with an important event or a critical situation that may threaten your fragile balance, or simply make small adjustments to improve your relationships with other people and your own quality of life. Are you wondering how you could interpret and assimilate the essence of the messages sent to you by your guardian angels? Here are three steps that you should follow to reach your goal …

  1. Open Your Heart to Experience the Power of Divine Intervention.

First of all, I should probably tell you that during this process, it is extremely important to follow your intuition and keep your heart open to different forms of communication that your mind might not be able to understand at first. Not everyone has the ability to hear the voice of an angel loud and clear, and some of us manage to receive divine messages through various nonverbal means such as intuitive knowingness, deep emotions and visions.

At a first glance, you might succeed in decoding the visual elements that are being sent your way based on their symbolic meaning. For instance, a wedding band is the symbol of love and union, while a single snapshot image revealing a trophy may symbolize your success, an upcoming promotion, a new opportunity or a raise. Don’t hesitate to ask your angels for clarification.  When needed, consider a reading with a trusted psychic practitioner to eliminate any doubts.

  1. Stay Open-Minded.

During this phase, you should eliminate your skepticism and your concerns, and just focus on the message that you are trying to interpret. To prep your mind for new interactions with the divine, get acquainted with meditation techniques allowing you to release unwanted thoughts and keep your emotions in check. Remember that some of the most powerful emotions that impact your mood and overall equilibrium, like fear for instance, can also hinder or even block angel communication channels and prevent you from receiving divine messages.

  1. Demystify and Analyze Divine Messages through Angel Card Readings.

At some point, you may have a hard time decoding different visual symbols, or you may require additional details to make better decisions based on the healing insight shared by your loving angels. In this case, maybe it’s time to try one of our Free Online Angel Card Readings.

These readings are handy tools that can offer you the knowledge, guidance and support you need to become the very best version of yourself, discover and pursue your purpose in life and establish deeper connections with your angels, loved ones in Heaven and even those relationship bonds still forming here on Earth.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, mentally ask your angels to send you the message you need to hear … and then Click Here to Get a Free Message from Your Angels!

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

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