How My Dreams Manifested a Fabulous Life

by Pamela Cummins, guest writer for Angel Messenger

Over two decades ago, I started to have disturbing dreams, and I intuitively knew that it was really repressed memories from my childhood. I didn’t understand much of the symbolism or even what the dreams meant; which prompted me to get down on my hands and knees and ask God to send me a really good therapist to support me through this hard time. My prayers were answered with a wonderful female therapist who helped me start my journey with dream interpretation.

My therapist taught me how to understand the meanings of my dreams that aided the healing of my childhood issues; however, problems occurred with her when I started to have spiritual and precognitive dreams (dreaming of the future). The universe was telling me that I had gotten all I needed from this type of therapy. Those spiritual and precognitive dreams were a huge gift for the information made my life so much easier and eventually pushed my suppressed psychic abilities out, which I had turned off in my childhood for safety reasons.

I read books on dream interpretation, yet found dream dictionaries too generic. Instead, I devoured books on symbolism and learning the tarot helped me tremendously to understand general and my personal symbolism. A couple of years later, I assisted a woman by interpreting her dream at a party. She got so excited that she announced to the other people, “Pamela just helped me interpret my dream!” Unfortunately, some of those people gave me strange looks, yet despite that, I still felt compelled to help more people with dream analysis.

When I cannot get a clear answer for a problem from my Angels and guides, I go to my dreams to help me. Before falling asleep, I will pray that I get an answer in my dreams for guidance to help me with my present issue. My dreams have given me solutions for business, health, relationships, my love life, education, and even my two cats. There are rare times that I will not get an answer because the solution will come during my waking life or I’m not supposed to know.

Here is a great example of how a solution dream benefited my love life. I met a man through an online dating site, we had been corresponding for over a month, and he wasn’t making any attempt to meet me, even though we only lived less than an hour away from each other. I emailed him with what I thought was a clear message about getting together, yet he said let’s continued to email each other. I got really frustrated and responded – I need some space to think about continuing our email correspondence. A few days later I asked what I should do about this man. The following is my dream:

I dreamed that I saw him out in public and went to approach him since I energetically felt he was interested and liked me. He smiled shyly and walked away. I sensed his fear but knew he was worth the effort and time to be in a relationship.

Five years later, I’m so happy I listened to my dream for we have a great relationship. Once, I teased him how he must have thought to himself, Oh, that’s what she meant, after he read my email that stated how we could continue to email each other even though he didn’t want to meet me, in light of the fact we went out on our first date a week later. This incident taught us how important communication is. My dreams still give me guidance in regards to our relationships. When it comes to love we need to not only listen to our hearts, we need to listen to our dreams of the nighttime.


About the Writer:

Pamela Cummins is an author of four books, dream interpreter, and psychic. To connect with her or to learn more about Pamela, please visit her at or

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