Spirit Guide Contact
by Jim McElwee, The Unexplainable Store

Today I’d like to take a look at how to communicate with your spirit guide. First, it’s important to understand that these entities are (as we’ve established) a part of you. The dedicated part of your mind that filters out your consciousness and the deeper understanding of the world around you is required for applicable purposes of day to day living and a world filled with symbols. Once you’ve made contact with the spirit guide, however, you can begin to understand different avenues of communication with this helpful guide.

First, dreams are a very important place for spiritual communication to take place. When you sleep your mind enters a state where communication of all parts of the consciousness takes place. Often the dreams are nonsensical or deeply symbolic. Your spirit guide’s presence in a dream, however, is something important to keep an eye on. If you see them while dreaming, pay careful attention to what they say and you’ll soon be one step closer to understanding the path you must take. Our entrainment therapy helps with this communication with the spirit guide in a sleeping state as well. Just listen to our therapy sessions shortly before going to sleep. You can get them at The Unexplainable Store.

While dreams may be the most guaranteed place to see the spirit guide, many people don’t remember their dreams and that makes this level of communication difficult. For these people, it may behoove them to examine the possibility of deep meditation initiating guided spirit journeys. Sit in a comfortable meditative position and imagine yourself traveling to a world created in the image of your current state of mind. Open your mind up to possibilities and allow images to come naturally to you. Your spirit guide will appear, and you can communicate with him/her then.

A third method is with the “third eye” method. When we were talking about Shamanism, I mentioned the third eye, and its ability to discover things outside of the normal five senses that our mind perceived. With the third eye, you can make contact with your spirit guide and communicate with them. There’s no need to talk aloud during these encounters, as the spirit guide can read your thoughts and communicate directly with them. This final method is the most advanced and useful, as the spirit guide will be able to appear to you during times when you need it to. Trust your spirit guide and open your mind to the concept of it showing up to help you when you need it. Then, you will gain the most benefit from your relationship with it. The most important thing is to listen to it.

The less you listen to it the less your mind will see it as a tool for spiritual development and attempt to make contact. For every success the spirit has, however, in helping you along your journey, there will be more and more connections tying you to it. Though you’ll always have a relationship with your spirit guide, even long before you make mental contact with it, you can always cut yourself off from it if you don’t want it to be part of your life simply by symbolically telling it to leave you alone for a while. Of course this isn’t recommended, as the spirit guide is an integral part of our lives whether it manifests as a spiritual entity or guides us through a series of “gut feelings,” or intuition.

Jim McElwee
The Unexplainable Store

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