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Blue Moon Detox

I haven't been posting as much this week, but it is the last week before school starts, and I've been spending as much time as I can with my son.  He's a bit depressed that summer is over but excited to see his friends next week.  I remember…
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Reiki Home Study Course

Reiki is a wonderful healing method that has been around for a very long time.  While many people who study Reiki end up becoming practitioners and healing others, Reiki is also an amazing tool for self-healing.  I myself have taken Reiki…
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Meditative Moments - Beautiful Healing Music

Some great meditation music to get the week going.  Just play this in the background while you're busy doing other things.  Have a great day!  ~ Sheri
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Beautiful Life Angel Meditation

This is beautiful ... For more spiritually angelic video, see the YouTube video player in the toolbar at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! ~ Sheri
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Meditative Moments: Brain Massage

School gets out for the summer this week, so I thought I'd better massage my poor brain now. ;) Seriously, it's going to be great having my son home, but it will be a busy couple of months. I hope you will enjoy this!
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Meditative Moments: Centering in the Craziness

So, on top of dreaming about planets flying off a birthday cake and coming after me, I'm stressing about projects that are currently driving me crazy.
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Meditative Moments: Me Time In The Rain

Schedule in an hour of time somewhere for yourself this week. Use this relaxing forest rain as your gentle timer, and have some "you" time.
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Meditative Moments: Angels, Chakras & Tarot

Hello! It's a new week and new meditation. This week I've selected a Chakra Clearing Meditation by Doreen Virtue, and below that you will find a video from Doreen introducing her newest oracle card deck - The Angel Tarot, which is now available.
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Meditative Moments Challenge

When I walked into my bathroom and looked out the window, I saw a bright yellow feather sitting atop my neighbor's roof which made me think of a little yellow canary singing his little happy song. That little imaginary bird inspired me to sing, too. And so, my meditative moment was singing in the shower, and it brought a new joy to my day! It was time for me, time to let go of everything and just be.
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Meditation Monday: Come on, You have 5 Minutes ...

I would say that meditation is by far the most recommended homework assigned to clients by their guides and angels. Why? For starters, meditation helps us connect with our guides and angels on our own - without the need for an intermediary.