Are You Missing Out on the Love of Your Life - Wedding Pic
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Are You Missing Out on the Love of Your Life?

After years and years of marriage and everything that goes along with that (diapers, bottles, carpool, career and personal changes), it’s not abnormal to question if we are still meant to be with the person we are married to. Sometimes people question if they’ve outgrown the other person and worry that their true soulmate is out there somewhere.
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Trust the Process

Often times, we question if we are on the right path.  If our life doesn't look like the way we imagined, it can be easy to doubt the current path we are on. God and the angels ask us to trust the process, even though it may not look exactly as we…
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I spoke aloud to the woods: “I want a job with in a supportive environment where I am needed and make a real difference in the lives of others. I want a position which pays well and supports my family, with a perfect family oriented schedule which allows me free time to live a happy and relaxed life.”
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Love From Grandpa

Even after all these years of working with Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven, I find that I'm often surprised when one of my own loved ones sends me a message. I know it happens and frequently discover messages left for others, and I often receive…
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Soulmate Relationship

Whatever you've asked has something to do with a soulmate. A soulmate is someone you have lived another lifetime with, though not necessarily a romantic partner.
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Remembering Love

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, and, as you remember those you have loved and lost, allow your heart to be filled with the love you had for them. Bring that love back into your current life - maybe it's just a moment you take to enjoy the sunshine and breathe it in. Or, maybe you'll open your heart to a new family member, too! There are so many lost little furry Angels out there who need help. <3
Serephina Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
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Notice the celestial energy behind the Angel. The Angel is merely the messenger - as with all Divine beings, but the energy behind or supporting her is Divine universal consciousness.
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An Extraordinary Blessing

Last week, I received an extraordinary blessing. I was invited to a surprise birthday dinner for a co worker's 50th. We met at a Mexican restaurant where her husband bought all the guests dinner. I was greeted at the table by a lovely young woman, her grown daughter. She had set up the tables with vases of daisies and birthday decorations. She and her young husband had helped set up the surprise...
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The Carrot, The Egg or The Coffee Bean - Which Are You?

Hello beautiful souls! I thought I'd share an old parable with you today. The original author is unknown, though I did edit this version a bit. Enjoy! Angel Blessings, Sheri <3 A young woman went to her grandmother and told her about her life and how things were so horribly difficult for her. Tired of fighting and struggling, she simply didn't know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. It seemed as one problem was solved another arose. The grandmother took her granddaughter into the kitchen, and she filled three pots with water.
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An Inspiring Little Seed

This summer has been very wet - and cold; most of my plants are almost overgrown and not blooming well. But, I had one big surprise ... one of the tiny little flower seeds I planted last summer finally popped out of the ground and out came this ...
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Feathers of Truth - Reality

Sometimes the truth of a situation is difficult to see until we step outside ourselves and realize that we are looking at a situation through our own eyes, our own expectations, and our viewpoint may be clouding our vision. ~ Rev. Sheri