The Changing Seasons of Mother Nature

“The wind is a natural way to loosen and release dead leaves and branches, just as emotional and life situation storms are opportunities for humans to release deadwood and anything needing to be swept away.”  ~ Doreen Virtue

This quote reminds me of Mother Nature’s changing seasons that we have here in the Midwest region of the United States. In Michigan, our winter season is well under way.  The trees are now bare where the changing leaves used to hang, the grass no longer needs cutting and the sun now sets close to 5 pm EST.

Normally this time of year it isn’t unusual to have some snow on the ground, temperatures are usually freezing, and you know winter is here to stay for an extended period.  This year, the temperature has been warmer compared to the last couple years. All these 40 degree days feel more like fall.  This is a wonderful thing for some (including me), yet others are bummed we haven’t had as much snow.

As humans, we also have certain cycles that we go through and unexpected situations that arise in our lives. Some are very positive and others not so positive. The not so positive ones cause us to look inward, evaluate where we are headed and possibly make some changes.  Sometimes we can get stuck in the situation and not recognize the universe is trying to tell us to release some things (whether it is relationships, habits or just stuff) so that we can allow room for new and better situations to come in.

If you follow our Rev. Colleen’s Angel Astrology videos, you’ll know that there are a lot of astrological energies taking place that affect us as well.  Just like the weather, it depends on the person because certain energies might be a good thing for one person or situation while being not so great for someone else.

If you need assistance in gaining emotional freedom, spiritual growth, connecting with your angels or would like an angel reading, we are here to support you.

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Rev. Sheri
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