Builder Oracle Card Extended Description - Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen VirtueWhen I first read this card in one of my personal readings for myself, I thought I had done something wrong. I certainly do not build things, and my first glance at this card had me thinking building has nothing to do with with my work, but I was wrong.

In the guidebook that accompanies this deck, this card is described as being about physically creating something. “Your soul longs to create because your sole purpose is to build. You love new projects that you can sink your teeth into, especially when you can merge plans with creativity.”

This card is about so much more than a hammer and nails; this card is about creating something that brings you a sense of accomplishment, rewarding your soul with a sense of peace that comes from fulfilling your life purpose.

For me personally, this card has to do with using my creativity, spiritual intuition and guidance, and my personal knowledge to create something with my physical hands. I have built this extensive website, and there’s so much more my guides and angels would like me to build. So, when you look at this card, think about what it is you could be building that is in line with your life purpose. What are you supposed to create with your physical hands?

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

This card is from the Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. For this Life Purpose Reading, we have included 13 of the 44 cards from this deck.

Though Doreen no longer believes in her work, we do believe in the work we have created here and hope you will find it helpful. If you enjoy our Free Online Angel Card Readings, please consider making a donation. May you be blessed.

“When we’re working on it [our Life Purpose], all aspects of our lives become healed.” When we’re not, “there’s a chronic low-level sense of anxiety because we subconsciously know that we’re missing the mark … Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others and be emotionally rewarding … These oracle cards were designed to help you identify your specific life purpose.” – How to Work with the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards Guidebook.

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  1. Anne Davis
    Anne Davis says:

    Hello, I have recently been compelled (guided) to purchase a set of tuning forks in the sacred solfeggio scale. In the past I have done random space clearing and energy work with bells, but nothing formal. Over the last few months I have been drawn to biofield tuning. I am pleased to see the Builder card in my reading. I am unsure how to proceed, still and always relying on Divine Guidance step by step, I am supposed to help bring this healing modality to people. Thank you for this amazing forum..

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