I may now officially be the “crazy cat lady”! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for animals. Last year, I carefully coaxed a wild oppossum (that I thought was dying) out to my shady backyard. When I went inside to get it some water, I realized it was perfectly healthy and just tricking me! Bill (my husband) says that I would take in a stinky skunk, if it needed my help. I think I might have proven him right. 🙂

About two months ago, a little kitten slept on my side porch in the rain all night long by itself. Well, I thought it was all alone and probably abandoned. So, I started feeding it chicken, warm milk, and whatever else I thought it might want out of my fridge. As you can image, he liked my house a lot. He told one of his siblings, and a few days later, there were two kittens. A few days after that, there were three. And, the next day, there was a little mother cat and another kitten. So, I ended up with a family of five on my back deck … a mother and her four babies. I have been searching for a shelter or anyone who would be interested in taking them in. There are quite a few mean male cats around, so I don’t mind keeping them safe at my house. But, I don’t want them all to have babies at my house next spring!

There is also another female cat that I think recently had babies and looks like she is going blind. I am certain she belonged to a neighbor who moved away and abandoned her over a year ago. People can be so irresponsible; it makes me sick!!! This poor thing appears to be going blind and possibly ill on top of that.

So, now I have six stray cats at my house and possibly some other babies very soon. No shelter will accept cats right now except the Ingham County Animal Control, and guess what they’ll do to them! It will cost me $20 per cat to have them all “humanely euthenized”. Well, I can’t help but think there could be a better option.

When I was a little girl, I used to get so upset when I’d see dead animals on the side of the road. It didn’t matter what it was … skunk, dog, kitten, rabbit, monkey, three-headed mutant toad … I always cried. I guess I’m not that bad about it now, but it really bothers me to have someone suggest that these kittens should just be thrown out with the garbage. What is there crime that they should die the same way we execute our worst criminals? What should be done to the idiot people who just leave behind their pets and move away. You know, that’s how we got our dog Chey too! Her owners moved away and left her tied to a dog house! I would love to get my hands on those people!!!

So, my current plan is to do what I can and do what I feel is right. If possible, I plan to catch them and take them to the vet. I hope she will be willing to help me out on price per animal to get them checked out and spayed/neutered. Then at least someone is being responsible!

Any thoughts? Anyone know of someone who might be able to help … either with finances to help me with this project, or with finding homes?

FYI – I’ve already gotten a few bad ideas …

1. Catch them and just drop them off somewhere else.
2. Stop taking care of them and they’ll go somewhere else, be someone else’s problem.
3. Kill them
4. Let them die!


Good ideas are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

I can be reached at angelmessenger@cablespeed.com or 248-686-2503.

~ Sheri

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