Angel Chakra Reading for December 2014

These Angel Chakra videos are posted once a month when the moon cycle is in its waning phase.  I chose to post the Angel Chakra Readings near the waning moon cycle to help release energy that may be stuck, blocked, or stagnant.  The waning…

November Angel Chakra Reading

  These readings are going to be released during the lunar moon cycle each month, as this is a great time for personal releasing. We all have chakras- there are 7 main chakras that I tune into when reading energy: Root, Sacral, Solar…

October Angel Chakra Reading

I am excited to share a brand new monthly Angel Chakra video reading with you. These readings are going to be released during the lunar moon cycle each month- as this is a great time for personal releasing.
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Angel Rewards

As you may have noticed, I like to give back and to help make readings more affordable for people.  There are two things going on right now that help me to do just that.  Have you seen the free reading giveaway going on right now?  I'm giving…
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I'm Giving Stuff Away!

This is an update to let everyone know that I'm giving stuff away ... again. I just created a giveaway for a Free Numerology Report (which you actually cannot even buy on my site right now). I also updated the Rewards program so that you can earn numerology reports. For the Rewards program, click the little "Rewards" banner in the Wibya toolbar at the bottom of any page on my site. For the Free Giveaway, here you go ...
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Free Readings Not Printing

Just to let everyone know, we have recently discovered that some of our site visitors are no longer able to print out the free readings. We are currently trying to find a solution to the printing problem.
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Readings by Donation

To get a Reading by Donation, simply call my office (when my status says "online") at 248-686-2503 and specify that you are calling for a "Reading by Donation".
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Update for Winners

winners can win again
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Win a Free Reading Today!

Happy Holidays from Angel Messenger! We are giving away free readings every day now through January 1st, 2010.
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Free Ebooks

I've had a few people ask me why the ebooks are free. The answer is simply that I don't have time to be bothered with selling them right now and wanted to get them online so people can use them. Yes, I'm aware they are worth money, but I'm…

Response to Free Reading Requests

If you have been directed to this page via email, you must have requested a free reading or other free session. Please understand that I currently receive between five and ten requests for free readings every single week, and that number is…

Please Understand Regarding Free Readings

Please feel free to use the free online angel card readings on my site. That is really the best I am able to offer for free at this time.