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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend spending time with family and remembering those that have passed from this world into the next fighting for our freedom and the rights of others. I have not personally known anyone who has passed in the recent wars, and I am thankful for that. My only family member who actually died in a war was my grandfather’s brother Andrew who died on the beaches of Normandy. However, we still celebrated the lives of those we have loved and lost. It was a somber weekend with bittersweet joy.

This morning, though, I have discovered something in my emails that is a little upsetting. I received six email requests for free readings since Friday. I normally receive about two per week, so the requests are not abnormal, but I am feeling a little upset about the nature of the requests and feel a little under appreciated at the moment. One of the requests I received was very upsetting telling me that I should offer all my services for free and that I’m a bad person for what I do, all in the same breath asking for my help. I don’t believe I can help someone who thinks of me this way. Really, why would someone listen to me when they think so horribly of me? As for the requests being for free services, I need something to be understood. I work very hard to offer what I can, but I simply cannot offer all my energy for free. This is not expected of doctors, counselors, or even the Pope. I have been offering discounted sessions for months, even though there have been no donations to my website for this purpose. I have been offering the discounts out of pocket – four to six per month. I have never felt this needed to be advertised; however, I unfortunately feel the need to defend myself a little at the moment.

June, Brenda, Stephanie, Alex, Josh and Samantha –
Please understand that I am not able to offer free services at this time. I will email each of you individually when time allows. Please feel free to use the free online angel card readings on my site. That is really the best I am able to offer for free at this time.

With sincere blessings,


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  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    I just want to say that I received a very nice email today from one of the people that had requested a free reading over the weekend. She was very kind and apologized in case she had offended me, but her email was actually one of the nice ones I received. Thank you, Brenda. As I said, sometimes my human emotions get in the way. I doubt I’ll ever get used to the few people who write the mean emails.

    Oh, I also remembered something else. I had someone ask me why I don’t offer two free readings instead of four discounted readings per month. There is a reason for this. First, offering four to six discounted readings versus two free ones allows me to help out more people. Secondly, I have offered free readings to individuals in the past. There were a few who really needed it and appreciated it. However, there were a few that did not need or appreciate my efforts. There were a few I felt badly for only to realize they simply wanted free entertainment. I have found that people tend to take things a little more seriously when they have to pay for something. I take my work very seriously, and I would prefer that those I work with are serious about why they are working with me. (There’s also that whole law of give and take thing. You should always give when you receive, and be willing to receive when you give.) Yes, you can find sideshow entertainment psychics around, but that is not my thing. 🙂

    Okay, well thank you to everyone who has read my little outburst. Thank you all for putting up with me! 😀

    Love and Blessings,



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