UPDATE FOR WINNERS: The original plan was that winners could only win once. However, I am altering that plan a bit for everyone’s benefit. You can only win one numerology reading, but you can win an angel reading, even if you’ve already won a numerology reading. To make it fair to those who have not won anything, I’m going to give away an extra reading for any reading a previous winner wins. For example, if a previous winner wins a free half hour angel reading, I will give away another free half hour angel reading. The second drawing for that reading will be for those who have not previously won only. Since my schedule is already so tight, I can’t give away to much of my schedule. I will also select a few extra free numerology report winners from those that did not win anything. I can’t believe how many people have entered, but that tells me that a lot of people need some extra help right now. Many people left me personal notes when they entered the drawing. I’m trying to read each one, but I won’t be able to respond to each one individually. Instead, I’ll be sending up prayers for you. I wish you all a wonderfully blessed and abundant (and safe) New Year!

~ Sheri

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