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While there are a few different cards included in these readings that bring messages of taking a time out for self care, Teresa comes to you in a way that gently guides you away from the focus of so much of your time and energy.  She gently…
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Merlina is here to help you make a decision. It seems you have been unable to come to a decision on your own. Maybe you are surrounded by too many possibilities and don't know which to choose. The more you think about your options, the more confused and exhausted you become.
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Celeste brings positive forward momentum. It is time for you to move ahead. This could be a physical move or something related to your career.
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Archangel Michael

When this card appears in your reading, you are being reminded that you are not alone. You are protected by Archangel Michael and all of Heaven ... Ask Michael to surround you completely with his protective energy, giving you the courage to accept who you are and to live your purpose.
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Archangel Raphael

// Archangel Raphael is the archangel of physical healing.  His light is emerald green. This card signifies the presence of Archangel Raphael in your life.  He may be here to help you with your own physical health and challenges,…
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Archangel Gabrielle

Archangel Gabrielle is one of my favorite archangels. She has a loving, feminine energy and nurtures all those who ask for her help.
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Your inner child has re-awakened, and it is time to bring that pure and innocent joy to the lives of children everywhere. Your gift and divine purpose of making the lives of children better has been awakened within your soul, and now the voice…
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As we walk one foot in front of the other, towards our divine purpose, we often stumble upon roadblocks that we have very little understanding about. We believe that our learning within the cusp of this divine journey has concluded, but learning…
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We so often allow time to dictate the moves we make. Our lives sometimes become slaves to Father Time, and our responsibilities seem to weigh heavily on our shoulders ... bringing us down, depleting our energy, and often making us question why…
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The power of knowledge is a wonderful thing. If you have wondered if this new venture is worth your perseverance, Isabella lets you know that you are on the right track and happiness will be the end result. Although you will need to keep your…
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Asking for guidance is never an easy thing to do. All too often, we believe that we are unworthy of assistance. We believe that our troubles, confusion, or questions are not worthy of divine help. We see so many other situations in life, and…