The following is a letter from Jim McElwee at The Unexplainable Store. He answers some commonly asked questions about Spirit Guides.


Today I’d like to wrap up our spirit guide manual with a list of important and commonly asked questions about the subject. The spirit guide is a powerful innate tool we all have, but it’s important to take into consideration exactly what we mean by spirit guide to ensure you are in direct communication with your true inner self.

Q: Is a spirit guide an internal force or an external one?

A: In order to answer this question, we must first address the concept of the internal vs. external universe. Have you ever had a dream about something and had it come true? Have you ever read someone’s thoughts when they were not even around? Psychic ability is just one demonstrable example of a force of nature and consciousness that blurs the line between the subjective internal reality of consciousness and the external objective and quantifiable reality of the world around us. The Spirit guide is a subconscious link between the two that can manifest information that is both internally quantifiable, and a limited amount of information that is externally quantifiable.

Q: What is the difference between a spirit guide and a “helpful ghost?”

A: Some people like to leave subjects such as this as undefined, and say it doesn’t matter, but we believe it does. The spirit guide as it is defined in our entrainment system is inherently internal, and helps those who need help defining those things in life that aren’t always obvious. The spirit guide is a force of internal understanding that will provide advice that is true to your greater goals in life, or help you acquire knowledge regarding them. A “ghost” is an external force and a consciousness beyond your own that may attempt to make contact with you, but will only be able to provide insight based on its own experiences. Also, a spirit guide will never attempt to advise you in a way that is not beneficial to you reaching your ultimate “bliss” or “true will.”

Q: How do I know when I’m speaking to a spirit guide, as opposed to merely a compartmentalized area of my own consciousness or a “helpful ghost?”

A: That’s where the entrainment therapy comes in. The conscious mind is filled with “faux” spirit guides who will sound helpful, but will ultimately not be as wise as the deepest spiritual sectors of your soul or “heart.” The conscious mind is constantly blocking these impulses with short term gains in mind, but unfortunately it’s difficult to get a hold of the long-term consciousness transformation required to truly make this beneficial. Fortunately, studies have shown that the spiritual mindset is largely manifest when the mind enters a very specific Mid-Theta frequency where the external world becomes strongly blocked off, and the focus of the mind naturally moves within the subject. Trying to map out the brain with visual foci is like trying to map the exact location of Earth relative to Mars with a stop watch. They are largely incompatible, which means it’s difficult to describe exactly. What we do know, however, is that this specific Mid-Theta mental frequency is precisely where people go when they are engaged in ancient rituals ( with universal regularity, regardless of cultural background) where they make contact with their spirit guide. It has been shown with such consistency, that when the entrainment therapy is utilized, the mind naturally moves to this position and opens you up for internal contact with the spirit guide. Psychics who report contact with ghosts, on the other hand, use a vastly different frequency to tune in to the external forces. This is why our entrainment therapy is perfect for making contact with your spirit guide. Our tools for spirit guide contact are available at: The Unexplainable Store

Q: Is there anything else I should do to make sure I maintain a relationship with my spirit guide?

A: Initial contact and introduction of the images and words of the spirit guide into the consciousness is an important and deeply spiritual ancient practice that only recently has been perfected to the degree that it has. Surprisingly very little ritual has been found to be necessary in order to contact the spirit guide when using entrainment therapy. Simply sit in a comfortable position, or lay down if that is preferable, and listen with a contented heart and open mind. The entrainment therapy will do the rest. When you see the spirit guide, open up a dialogue with it about whatever you feel is important. After you have done this a few times your mind will recognize your spirit guide’s presence and you will be able to make contact on your own, though it’s always helpful to utilize the recordings every now and again.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our Spirit Guide Manual’s FAQ. Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee
The Unexplainable Store

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