Thank you for your patience. We still do not know why YouTube removed this video from Rev. Colleen’s account. They have now reinstated this video but have not responded to any inquiries as to why this happened or the status of her account. Rev. Colleen is currently looking into other formats for future videos.


Mercury, the Messenger, moves into Aries this week! This is the sign of new beginnings! We also have Saturn, planet of karma and lessons, turning retrograde, plus a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! The angelic message for the week is about staying balanced. Some of the energies will be fast moving, but we must also rely on Divine Timing. Get ready for some powerful energies! Blessings of Love and Light to All!

Rev. Colleen

The cards used in this weekly angel card reading are from The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and the special message card is from the  Archangel Michael Deck also by Doreen Virtue.

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About Rev. Colleen

Rev. Colleen Lemma was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author. With well over 15 years of experience, some say Colleen’s intuitive guidance is simply life changing. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, along with Divine messages from her angels and guides, including the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Rev. Colleen Lemma, C.Ht., has been an active member in the spiritual and metaphysical field of studies since 1995. She took her first astrology class in 1996 and was soon teaching for an astrological learning center and doing professional consultations. She became a non-denominational ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek in 1996 and began her spiritual journey as a healing consultant. She is a Professional Astrologer and Numerologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Crystologist in the Melody Teachings.

Colleen lectures and does classes and workshops on a variety of topics including Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Crystals, Soulmates, Past Lives, Karma, Children of the New Paradigm, and Soul Empowerment. She is available for teaching and speaking engagements worldwide. You can find her on her website, Sacred Soul Empowerment, and as one of the spiritual readers and healers on the website, Living 5D in a 3D World.

"Colleen was, as always, fabulous. She shares such relevant information with grace and compassion. She genuinely cares and it is so obvious."
~ Angel Messenger Client

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15 replies
  1. Isabell
    Isabell says:

    I have been checking every day I miss you and cannot wait until you come back;) your readings are beautiful, powerful, and so helpful.
    Sending you love, gratitude, and so much light namaste

  2. dana wills
    dana wills says:

    All week have been checking back here to see if your reading for this week had been reinstated. Somehow, I knew it would. I have been sending light and elemental energy your way.

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:

      Yes Dana the Rev Colleens readings are back and can be found under Angel TV > Weekly videos by Rev. Colleen then when you get to her video page, you’ll see Rev. Colleen’s most recent video. To see other videos, there is a menu in the top left corner of her video player (looks like 3 little lines). Click that, and a drop down menu will appear with all the videos available.

  3. Brooke Albrecht
    Brooke Albrecht says:

    Rev Colleen~ I am so sorry this happened to you!!! It’s sad for your fans who will no doubt miss your sweet voice, kind words and amazing insight~but this is BS if you don’t mind me saying! And you are the last person who deserves this kind of stress! Many Many Blessings of Love and Light to You! And I will be sending many positive vibes, prayers and thoughts!! Thanks for all you do!!

  4. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    YouTube decided that Rev. Colleen’s awesome weekly videos needed to be removed due to their content. There is no one to ask why this happened or for them to reconsider. 🙁

  5. Betty Blackburn
    Betty Blackburn says:

    Why does this say that it has been removed , for violating YouTube’s terms of service? This has never happened before, to my knowledge.

  6. gina
    gina says:

    how come this video got taken down by youtube and won’t play? can you please repost or let us know what is happening?

    Thank you kindly


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