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Weekday Wisdom: Relationships Are a Mirror Into Us

Katherine explains how our relationships are a mirror of our own relationship with ourselves. Great food for thought! She also has a free online seminar coming up on April 21st about attracting true love.
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Weekday Wisdom: A Message From Your Soul

Your soul wants you to know that your Wisdom runs deep and is made up of all your experiences in this lifetime and beyond. There is no limit to the amount of Wisdom available to you right now. The Universe is your partner and ready and willing to help you put the puzzle pieces of your life together to show you a glimpse of your life's purpose.
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How To See Your Aura - The Mirror Method

After Monday's meditation on cleansing your aura, I thought it fitting to post something on how to actually see your aura. This video is a very basic explanation, but she goes on with other videos if you wish to learn more.
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Weekday Wisdom - Stand Tall, Take Back Your Inner Power, & Speak Out!!!

This is awesome! Stand tall, take back your inner power, and speak out!!! Oh, and here's what happens to me when greedy corporations and sell-out politicians try to feed my family poison ...
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Weekday Wisdom

I've decided that Wednesday will now be "Wisdom Wednesday" where I will share with you some of the awesome stuff I've come across in the last week or so.  Here are some great articles and other stuff for this week ... Great Articles:  Awakening…